Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 launched in India starting at Rs 9999

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 launched in India starting at Rs 9999 The focus therefore lies on improved thermal efficiency and power-saving over say the Snapdragon 650-based Redmi Note 3. Already launched in China previous year, Xiaomi will feature company's latest MIUI 8 out of the box. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 in China is powered by the MediaTek deca-core SoC, but may be launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor for India, according to gadgets360... [Full Article...]

Financial Watchlist of Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM)

Chapman sold 16,000 shares of the stock in a transaction that occurred on Tuesday, November 15th. The company reported $0.63 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, topping the consensus estimate of $0.60 by $0.03. The company has a market cap of $352.88 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 39.84 and a beta of 0.89. NCM Capital Management Group Inc. now owns 1,970 shares of the company's stock ... [Full Article...]

Pokémon GO Earns $950M In 2016, Most Downloaded Game Of The Year

Pokémon GO Earns $950M In 2016, Most Downloaded Game Of The Year The latest fixes made to " Pokemon GO " include a change to the distance tracking which usually affects the Global Positioning System drift that many players experience while playing. What Could be Behind Niantic's Latest Move? The drift refers to the jumping around that your character makes even when you're supposedly standing still and so all that minor extra distance that you cover when "drift... [Full Article...]

Yooka-Laylee gets co-op, multiplayer modes, and a new gameplay trailer

However, the co-op only works with two players and the second player will only be able to pick up collectibles. Gun-Let Run, on the other hand, is a shoot "em up mini-game, while Kartos Karting sees players jockeying for pole position on the racetrack". [Full Article...]

London mayor warns Asia, New York will win out from Brexit

London mayor warns Asia, New York will win out from Brexit The interventions by Barclays executives come after JP Morgan, HSBC and UBS all indicated Brexit would hit their London operations. Mr Staley admitted to concerns about "transition periods" while Britain's exit from the European Union is negotiated, but said London will fend off attacks from Frankfurt and Paris. [Full Article...]

Samsung head faces arrest for bribery and embezzlement

South Korean prosecutors on Monday sought the arrest of the heir to the Samsung empire over a scandal that has seen the country's president impeached, in the latest setback for the giant conglomerate. Samsung denounced the special prosecutor's decision. Lee, who is handling more of a leadership role in Samsung due to his father's poor health, allegedly told some of his executives to make off-the-b... [Full Article...]

Sony Entertainment's CEO Michael Lynton to step down, focus on Snap responsibilities

Lynton has been with Sony for 13 years, beginning as chairman/CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment and expanding in 2012 to CEO of Sony Entertainment. Michael Lynton has been on the board of Snap Inc., best known for its ephemeral messaging platform, since 2013 and was quietly appointed its chairman in late 2016. [Full Article...]

Platinum and Microsoft fall out, Scalebound cancelled

ORIGINAL STORY: Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has been slowly but surely hyping Scalebound , an action/adventure developed by Platinum Games ( Bayonetta 2) revolving around a heroic warrior and a mighty dragon that follows him into battle. [Full Article...]

Dont Cry Too Hard For Tim Cook's Pay Cut, He Certainly Isn't

Apple Inc .'s prolonged slump in iPhone sales past year took a bite out of Chief Executive Tim Cook's total compensation, which fell for the first time since he assumed leadership of the company in 2011. It also failed to reach its stretch goals, the first time the company has failed to surpass the goals since 2009. Apple reported that its annual sales of $215.6 billion were 3.7% below its tar... [Full Article...]

Tesla Owner Sues Claiming Sudden Acceleration Caused Him to Drive Into Home

Tesla Owner Sues Claiming Sudden Acceleration Caused Him to Drive Into Home As reminded through the release notes, Tesla is taking a cautious approach with rolling out its driving-assist features, in particular Autosteer which allows the vehicle to steer on its own without human input. Tesla owners could choose to pay more for the Autopilot software feature. Diving deeper into the details of the software update, has got its hands on the release notes for... [Full Article...]

Blizzard Celebrate Diablo's 20th Anniversary

Blizzard Celebrate Diablo's 20th Anniversary In order to honor Diablo's 20th anniversary, Blizzard has chose to bring back the original title and allow players to run through it with their Diablo III characters. A dark wanderer will be released for " Hearthstone ". Overwatch will feature in-game sprays that harken to Diablo's class system and players can even get Diablo as their icon. [Full Article...]

Which Smartphone Apps Found the Most Wanted in 2016?

Which Smartphone Apps Found the Most Wanted in 2016? While it comes as no surprise, Facebook is in the top spot for most popular apps of 2016, with 146 million unique users. Even though Messenger annoyed some users who felt like Facebook was trying to force them into it, the app has done well this year. [Full Article...]

Samsung introduces new home AV products

Samsung introduces new home AV products On the audio side of things, the company has some big news, in the form of Ultra High Quality audio. The M9500 will be Samsung's new Ultra High-Definition (UHD) Blu-ray player which will boast a number of noteworthy enhancements over the company's UDB-K8500 device launched in 2015. [Full Article...]

Qualcomm's Fine From KFTC: The Key Components You Need To Know

Qualcomm's Fine From KFTC: The Key Components You Need To Know South Korean regulators object to Qualcomm's practice of licensing its entire portfolio, and they say Qualcomm forces firms that buy its semiconductors to also license its patents in violation of South Korea's competition laws. In 2009, Qualcomm was fined 273 billion won by the KFTC for abusing its market power in CDMA modem chips, which were then used in handsets made by LG and Samsung. [Full Article...]

Black Twitter reacts to Dylann Roof refusal to save his life

The man convicted of the deadly shooting rampage at a Charleston, South Carolina church says he won't call witnesses or offer evidence that could spare his life in the penalty phase of his murder trial. Roof , however, said he meant to present none. Based on notebooks found in his vehicle and elsewhere, Roof wrote of being moved by the killing of Trayvon Martin in which he sided with the black... [Full Article...]

Merry Christmas, and don't take offense

Merry Christmas, and don't take offense Whether you say "Merry Christmas " or "Happy holidays ", I'll happily accept your good wishes. The word " Christmas " is derived from the old English word " Cristes Maesse ", which means the Mass of Christ and it also marks the birth of Jesus Christ on this special occasion of Christmas . [Full Article...]

Google Confirms Two High-End Smartwatches For 2017

Google Confirms Two High-End Smartwatches For 2017 However, these two flagship smartwatches won't be branded by Google , so they will be launched by other companies. The news comes from an exclusive interview that The Verge had with Jeff Chang , product manager of Android Wear at Google . [Full Article...]

Fort Worth officer in viral arrest video was 'rude not racist'-chief

The arresting officer has been placed on administrative suspension during a police internal affairs investigation, Merritt said. Craig repeatedly informs the cop that the neighbor is not supposed to put his hands on her son. While Craig was officially arrested for resisting arrest, she also had outstanding traffic warrants. "SHAME on the @FortWorthPD for brutalizing this mother & her c... [Full Article...]

Cyber Group Finds Link Between DNC Breaches, Russian Hostility Against Ukraine

Cyber Group Finds Link Between DNC Breaches, Russian Hostility Against Ukraine President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly denied the Kremlin's involvement despite consensus among all 17 US intelligence agencies that Moscow was behind the election-related hacks. However, it appears that the Android app was infected with a trojan. Those beacons were then used to target Ukrainian military units. The app has been developed by an Ukrainian officer to help process targeting data ... [Full Article...]

Firms to pay $3.5B in largest foreign bribery scheme in history

The Brazilian corporations admitted to paying hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes, money that law enforcement officials say was authorized at the highest corporate levels and was concealed through shell companies and offshore entities. [Full Article...]

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