Two Dallas venues to host 2017 Gold Cup games

The victor of the 2017 tournament will take home continental bragging rights and an assured spot in the next CONCACAF Cup, a play-in game to qualify for the 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup, in the case two separate champions emerge from the next two editions of the Gold Cup. [Full Article...]

California, Uber still negotiating self-driving car legality

Uber did not immediately reply to requests for comment. Several hours later, Uber determined the incident was "due to human error" and that the auto wasn't part of driverless pilot program. "Follow the rules", Soublet said of Uber. Even if the decision to push ahead without a permit is legal, it's in line with Uber's tried-and-true strategy of flaunting regulations until they can be changed. [Full Article...]

Uber's self-driving vehicles are riling up more people in San Francisco

Uber's self-driving vehicles are riling up more people in San Francisco Unlike Uber's cars, Tesla's autopilot is not created to handle city driving. Autopilot does not require a permit, and so Uber argued its cars should be treated the same way. Officials with Uber and the state have talked several times this week in what the leader of the company's self-driving program described as "frank conversations". [Full Article...]

Burning Stock on the move: Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE:LVS)

Burning Stock on the move: Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE:LVS) While looking at the Stock's Performance, Las Vegas Sands Corp . now shows a Weekly Performance of -7.4%, where Monthly Performance is -0.26%, Quarterly performance is 0.47%, 6 Months performance is 26.7% and yearly performance percentage is 51.54%. [Full Article...]

Fewer teens are doing drugs than ever before

The results come from the 2016 Monitoring the Future survey , an annual study of behaviors and choices among teens in the eighth, 10th and 12th grades. The study's researchers attribute the decline in teen marijuana use to a drop in tobacco use. "But it hasn't gone up", Volkow said . While daily use rates have remained stable over the past few years, "the potential worsening of this by incr... [Full Article...]

Snapchat's Groups let you chat with 16 friends at once

Tapping on a name from the group enables a private chat with that person, and switching between the two conversations is done with the simple press of a button. And users can also send stickers, Bitmojis Friendmojis, voice notes and video notes - among other media. Snaps sent to a Group can be opened and replayed just once by each recipient. [Full Article...]

Pro wrestler disarms man with gun, slams him to the ground

Pro wrestler disarms man with gun, slams him to the ground WWE star Shad Gaspard foiled a robbery in Florida. Gaspard said he'd gone to a convenience store to get some iced tea and while he was standing in line a man approached him from the back and said, "Yo, buy me some beer". "I just did what came natural". Gaspard - ironically best known as part of the WWE's gang-themed duo "Cryme Tyme" - then swiftly deals with the man. [Full Article...]

Trump to tap Oklahoma AG Pruitt to head EPA

He and two other Democrats acknowledged they'll need some Republicans to side against Trump's pick, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, to block his confirmation. Pruitt has anxious conservationists-not conservatives-for his outspoken criticism of the EPA under President Barack Obama. A quick perusal of Pruitt's donor list helps explain why. [Full Article...]

Former astronaut, US Sen. John Glenn is hospitalized in Ohio

Senate, died Thursday. Glenn was 95 years old. The ex-Marine and US Senator had been in hospital in Columbus, Ohio , for more than a week and died surrounded by his children and wife of 73 years. But he was successful 10 years later when he won the primary and defeated the Republican incumbent to become senator for Ohio. "Now he has taken his place there for eternity, a well-earned reward for... [Full Article...]

Vodafone launches unlimited free voice calling offer for prepaid customers

Vodafone launches unlimited free voice calling offer for prepaid customers The two new bundled packs are available at Rs 145 and Rs 345, offering them more flexibility. According to HSBC's Sharma, Bharti Airtel's latest free voice tariff plans suggest that the market leader is looking to take away the pricing lever being used by Jio to churn subscribers, a view backed by brokerage house Religare. [Full Article...]

Google Assistant API launches to challenge Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant is a collaborative, natural language processor with machine learning and artificial intelligence usage. Google wants to make its Assistant smarter so it is opening it up to third-party developers. Google is aware of upcoming challenges like how users would know and get more familiarized with new commands, which might eventually be aided by creating a search engine for such... [Full Article...]

Kim Kardashian West said to be looking for a divorce

Kim Kardashian West said to be looking for a divorce A source told the publication, 'Kim wants him to continue getting therapy even after all of this. Kim Kardashian , according to the report, has taken a break from her career since the Paris robbery incident happened. And so, she has no plan on leaving him because she loves him. "But she doesn't want to stay married", the source emphasized. "An insider added, "[ Kim] is being very protective a... [Full Article...]

Search Underway for Marine Pilot Who Ejected Near Japanese Coast

Search Underway for Marine Pilot Who Ejected Near Japanese Coast Marine Corps commandant Gen. Robert Neller told reporters at the U.S. Naval Institute's Defense Forum Washington that the rate of Marine aviation mishaps was higher than a year ago but, "not statistically off the wall". However, the Marine Corps said this is not the first incident where a pilot has crashed. In early June, an F/A-18 from the US Navy's Blue Angels acrobatic team went down, killi... [Full Article...]

European Union sues Germany and Britain over Volkswagen emissions scandal

The European Commission accused Germany, the U.K., Spain, and Luxembourg of failing to introduce adequate penalties that would deter future emissions cheating similar to Volkswagen's use of illegal "defeat device" software in diesel cars. "It is a strong rebuke of Germany and other countries' inaction", Monique Goyens, head of the European Consumer lobby (BEUC), said, hailing the action as an impo... [Full Article...]

Shiny Pokemon, costumes may be coming to Pokemon GO

More to collect should mean more to do, and could bring about another bump of users perfectly during the holiday season and vacations. A special "Pokemon Go" experience will be available to all players throughout the USA at over 10,500 Sprint as well as subsidiary stores. [Full Article...]

North Korean delegation back from paying respects to Castro

North Korea has developed the capability to pair a nuclear warhead with a missile and launch it, but has not mastered bringing the weapon back from space and onto a target, a senior U.S. The North Korean delegation also showed interest in the Trump administration's possible responses to South Korea becoming a nuclear-armed country, as well as its foreign policy plans toward Russian Federation and... [Full Article...]

Museum honors Berks' last survivor of Pearl Harbor

Mark Gillen. Gideon was also at the Battle of Midway during World War II, where he was injured. Three days after the attack, America entered the war against Germany and Italy. He's believed to be the only survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack in Southwest Florida. "Dan Schroeder. We're really privileged that he's agreed to be with us", Gillen said. [Full Article...]

Solve the NES Classic's Short Controller Problem With the 8bitdo Wireless Adapter

Toys "R" Us confirmed to CNBC that it would have a limited restock of the consoles available when its doors open at 8am Sunday. Toys "R" Us also advertised that the other must-have toy of the holidays, the Nintendo Classic Edition Mini NES , would also be on sale. [Full Article...]

You can FINALLY 'like' or disable comments on Instagram posts

To enable this new setting, tap 'Advanced Settings, ' before you submit your photo or video and select 'Turn Off Commenting.' Instagram notes that comments can be turned on at any time. In an official declaration published this Tuesday, Instagram announced the incorporation of several features oriented to make the social platform a more secure place to everyone. [Full Article...]

New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar owners are reporting worrying battery issues

New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar owners are reporting worrying battery issues I have Safari open with 6 tabs and with 95% battery, I am told that I have under 3 hours of battery life left! With light use, I've been consistently getting around 5-6.5 hours when mainly browsing. The discussion topic he posted in and others are littered with similar claims of sizeable percentage drops in mere minutes. So far, beyond keeping usage to a minimum or keeping the MacBook Pro ... [Full Article...]

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