The Joy-Con Grip That Comes With Switch Does Not Charge Controllers

From here onward, the question becomes how many hours of wireless gameplay will undocked Joy-Cons allow? These motion controls were shown to be significantly more sensitive, displayed numerous times through the game 1-2 Switch. It all comes down to the Virtual Console games . With the Nintendo Switch acting as both a fully portable system and a TV-based console, you might think the ... [Full Article...]

SpaceX launches first rocket since explosion, deploying satellites & landing successfully

The months-long subsequent investigation pinned the cause of the explosion on a design issue in the rocket's helium pressure tanks. Officials at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the U.S. Falcon 9 lifted off from Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 9:54:39 am PST. SpaceX uses super chilled liquid oxygen, and since the temperature must stay so low, it ... [Full Article...]

Takata shares surge on report of settlement with US

Takata shares surge on report of settlement with US USA officials have also ordered that an independent monitor look after the company to make sure it complies with regulations. "While today's settlement is welcome news it doesn't change the fact that eleven Americans lost their lives because of Takata's failures". [Full Article...]

Golden Globes 2017: Jimmy Fallon Opening Revives Barb & Jon Snow

Golden Globes 2017: Jimmy Fallon Opening Revives Barb & Jon Snow I suppose it's made more wonderful by the fact that I'll be able to say that I won this at the last ever Golden Globes. TV was dominated by the big winners at this year's Emmys - namely Game of Thrones, The People v. Going high only made her remarks morecutting: "This instinct to humiliate when it's modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybod... [Full Article...]

10 years of iPhone: watch Steve Jobs introduce Apple's first ever smartphone

Nearly every other company that was making phones at the time, those companies that wrote off Apple , aren't making phones anymore: Microsoft, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Palm all don't have the market share that they used to, largely because of Apple . [Full Article...]

Huge Antarctic iceberg about to break off and slide into the sea

Huge Antarctic iceberg about to break off and slide into the sea New images show the long-watched rift in the Larsen C ice shelf grew 11 miles (18 kilometers) in the last few weeks. The Larsen C ice shelf is more than 1,000 feet thick, and in spatial extent, almost the size of Scotland. The Larsen B calving event was featured in the opening scenes of the sci-fi climate change-related disaster film, The Day After Tomorrow . "It appears global warming is... [Full Article...]

Nissan will use artificial intelligence tech from NASA to drive cars

After sorting this, the vehicle is released to resume self-driving, and the idea is that with enough incidents, autonomous systems can eventually learn how to handle the unexpected on their own, reported Engadget . SAM uses artificial intelligence that will learn from a human driver, helping it to make decisions in unpredictable situations. However, assuming a system like SAM sees widespread im... [Full Article...]

Amazon Fire TV edition coming to selected 4K UHD Smart TVs soon

The regular version is priced at $130 which is much cheaper than $180 of Amazon's Echo speaker. According to Ford's press release announcing the news, the Alexa integration is the " most comprehensive ever in a vehicle". However, there are some noteworthy dissimilarities between Amazon's own speaker and Lenovo Smart Speaker. It will cost $179.99 and will also be available in May 2017. [Full Article...]

Guru Gobind Singh Ji 350th birth anniversary: 5 fantastic facts about him

Guru Gobind Singh Ji 350th birth anniversary: 5 fantastic facts about him A saint dedicated to God, he was a scholar of many languages, poet of soul-stirring poetry, warrior and apostle of love. Guru Gobind Singh was the last of the 10 Gurus, who transformed the Sikh faith. In a series of tweets, Prime Minister Modi said, " Guru Gobind Singh ji's entire life was devoted to serving the people and fighting for values of truth, justice and compassion". [Full Article...]

Searchers looking for missing 6-year-old Aurora boy will drain pond

Searchers looking for missing 6-year-old Aurora boy will drain pond Prior to the Amber Alert being issued Monday, Metz announced there had been three reverse 911 calls issued to alert around 27,000 Aurora residents about David's case. " David, he is a good kid ". He is about four feet tall, weighing 48 pounds with light brown hair and blue-green eyes. He was last seen wearing green camouflage trousers, a black T-shirt, orange boots and a tan girl's coat, pol... [Full Article...]

The Queen may miss New Year's Day church service

Although it is the second successive week that the 90-year-old monarch has been absent from church, reports say she is up and about and has been working on official papers. Prince Philip also fell ill to a heavy cold, and was initially worse off than The Queen . "Circumstances are unknown. More to follow", read a tweet on the fake account's page. [Full Article...]

'Death Star of e-commerce': Amazon's plans for delivery drone motherships

The chief benefit over warehouses on the ground is the ability to be redirected to areas where Amazon is experiencing high order volumes. The e-commerce giant had a patent approved in April for airborne warehouses. But it's apparently already planning ahead for when a drop by drone is Amazon's go-to delivery method. An airborne fulfillment center could potentially help. [Full Article...]

Ford Reveals Next-Generation Autonomous Driving Technology on Fusion Hybrid

Ford Reveals Next-Generation Autonomous Driving Technology on Fusion Hybrid Processing all information from the sensors and cameras to pick the best route, merge into traffic, adjust speed, avoid obstacles, read traffic lights and all other decisions required while driving has the computer generating 1 terabyte of data an hour. [Full Article...]

Taylor Swift surprises 96-year-old WWII veteran at his home

He also likes Taylor because her music brings him closer to some of his more than 20 grandchildren, but based on his collection of T-Swift memorabilia , it's clear he's a fan on his own. Family member Caroline Fowler spoke with E! In a clip posted online, the chart-topping star is seen walking into a house jam-packed with people and greeting her elderly fan with gifts. [Full Article...]

Uber moves self-driving auto test to Arizona following California regulatory defeat

Uber's clout seems diminished because DMV debunks its claim that they do not need special permits since a human driver is still behind the wheel. Phoenix may be seeing the Uber self-driving cars in the coming days as Gov. Uber has called drivers " the engine of our business ", but its basic business mechanics imply that it has never wanted much to do with them. Since the pilot began on December 14... [Full Article...]

Pokemon GO Apple Watch update live (vs Pokemon GO Plus)

Today, Niantic announced that Pokemon GO is available on the Apple Watch , just in time for the holiday season. December 19, however, came and went with no Christmas event - there was a Pokemon GO update rolled out, mainly created to squash a minor bug (vibrating alerts even when there's no Pokemon sighting), but that didn't lower buddy distance requirements for candy , double XP, and cand... [Full Article...]

Google Santa Tracker 2016: Where's Santa Claus Right Now?

Google Santa Tracker 2016: Where's Santa Claus Right Now? Santa Mike: Besides eating milk and cookies? Q: And after Christmas? I'm not sure how many more years my younger, more skeptical (like his mom) son will believe in Santa, especially since I know he's just a Google search away from proving the jolly fat man is a fraud. [Full Article...]

Pittsburgh firm exits Google's $20M moon landing competition

Pittsburgh firm exits Google's $20M moon landing competition The company is eyeing a 2019 moon landing. Team Indus will carry a robotic rover developed by Hakuto, the Japanese team in the Google Lunar XPrize competition, to the Moon aboard the former's spacecraft. The second group to do so will earn $5 million as second prize. At this point, only a few teams have verified their ride, including HAKUTO, Team Indus, the Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL, and the Ame... [Full Article...]

Netflix US Twitter account hacked

Around noon EST, Marvel's Twitter accounts for Marvel Music, Captain America , Iron Man, Black Panther , along with their main account were all taken over by the group. Once it gains access to a social media account (in this case Netflix's US Twitter account), it doesn't do much apart from posting security-related messages for account owners, advising them to get in touch with the group as to ho... [Full Article...]

Ask Alexa for a Missoulian news briefing

Some units might also be available in various malls at Amazon Pop-Up stores, or through the two-hour Amazon Prime Now delivery service in select cities. Here are our suggestions for how to buy one or more of these devices in the near future, with the least amount of hassle and money spent. An estimated 6 million homes in the USA have an Amazon Echo, Dot , or Tap, according to Backchannel . [Full Article...]

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