Trump urges Mideast nations to drive out 'Islamic extremism'

Trump signed the big arms deal in Riyadh on Saturday and Sunday called for unity between the us and Middle Eastern nations in the fight to "stamp out extremism". Drive them out of your communities. The resulting image is a ideal example of the freakish, troll-friendly White House that we're now enduring. The president is set to land at Ben Gurion International Airport on Monday for a vis... [Full Article...]

Iran must never have nuclear weapons: Trump tells Netanyahu

JOHN YANG: Like the Israelis, the Saudis also welcome the shift in the US approach to Iran that the change in leaders brings, one reason for the opulent Saudi welcome for Mr. You honoured me and Melania by being one of the first world leaders to visit the White House, as you know. "I look forward to working with these leaders towards a lasting peace". [Full Article...]

Iranian president calls US relations 'a curvy road'

NASR: Yes, it is actually ironic, but also, it's even more ironic in that Rouhani - when he was elected first in Iran, he was a moderate. He said that Saudis should know that terrorism is a big threat to the world and there is no choice except for moderation. [Full Article...]

S. Korea fires shots at N. Korea after object crosses border

All 15 council members, including the North's closest ally China, approved the statement which accused the North of "destabilizing behavior and flagrant and provocative defiance". "At the same time, we hope all parties can maintain restraint, not be influenced by every single incident, . persist in carrying out Security Council resolutions on North Korea and persevere with the resolution of th... [Full Article...]

North Korea says missile ready for mass production, USA questions progress

Tuesday's video conference, which lasted for almost two hours, came as the North has carried out eight ballistic missile launches this year alone, with the most recent on May 14th and 21st. North Korea's state news agency, KCNA , said the latest missile test was supervised by leader Kim Jong Un and verified the reliability of Pukguksong-2's solid-fuel engine, stage separation and late-stage g... [Full Article...]

Texas Bathroom Bill: Legislators Pass Two Anti-LGBT Bills on 'Discrimination Sunday'

Texas Bathroom Bill: Legislators Pass Two Anti-LGBT Bills on 'Discrimination Sunday' However, the measure stalled in the House. It also would require the state's attorney general to defend school districts that face legal challenges. "It's absolutely about child safety", said Texas Republican Rep. That bill resulted in large economic losses for the state and has since been repealed. On what LGBT activists are calling "Discrimination Sunday", Texas lawmakers advanced bills allo... [Full Article...]

Beijing's new weapon in economic war: Chinese tourists

Beijing's new weapon in economic war: Chinese tourists Xi welcomed Lee at the Fujian Room in the Great Hall of the People, where Lee delivered a letter from newly elected President Moon Jae-in, South Korean news service EDaily reported Friday. They'll likely expect to meet with President Moon, South Korean Cabinet officials and lawmakers to grasp the mood in Seoul regarding issues on North Korea, the THAAD deployment and the bilateral alliance. [Full Article...]

Trump greeted with selfies and politics on arrival in Israel

They even produced a video showing the lengths to which they went in preparation for the Trumps' visit. Others were shot dead during protests or clashes, while some were killed in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. He added that after his meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "I can tell you he wants peace". Abbas has also agreed to work towards a two-state solution , w... [Full Article...]

Syria Denies US Accusation of Mass Killings

President Bashar al-Assad's Syrian government, he alleged, had detained between 65,000 and 117,000 people over the same period. The allegations are "a new Hollywood plot" to justify U.S. Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura. The Trump administration is a willingness to respond to these massacres done by the Syrian government which also included the use chemical weapons and other deadly killer agen... [Full Article...]

North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke

North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke The North has carried out two atomic tests and dozens of missile launches since the beginning of a year ago in its quest to develop a missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the continental United States - something President Donald Trump has vowed "won't happen". [Full Article...]

Darren Sammy's Cynical Dig At David Warner's Take On Pay Dispute

Darren Sammy's Cynical Dig At David Warner's Take On Pay Dispute Australian cricketers are "prepared to strike" if a contract dispute is not resolved, which could have an impact on the Ashes at the end of the year. A Sydney Morning Herald report claimed that Pat Howard, CA's Executive General Manager of team performance, made the approaches at a time when the governing body and the Australian Cricketers' Association are in dispute over a new pay deal for th... [Full Article...]

Trump Arrives In Israel For Second Leg Of International Trip

It also comes as he contends with a raft of problems back home, including a special counsel investigating whether his associates colluded with Russian Federation. Will he commit to the two-state solution? Following her announcement, Shaked quickly reiterated her wish that Trump would make good on campaign promises favorable to Israel, including moving the U.S. [Full Article...]

AP photographer shot covering West Bank protest

Israel's state comptroller has called for an increase in the number of military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank as well as tightening restrictions on the entry of Palestinians into Israel, Haaretz reported on Wednesday. The Ma'an News Agency quoted an Israeli military spokeswoman as saying that she was unsure whether security forces had detained the shooter. In the West Bank, the Pal... [Full Article...]

PM Modi speaks to French President-Elect Macron

PM Modi speaks to French President-Elect Macron Macron has promised that half of those candidates will be new to elected politics, as he was before his victory Sunday. Split 50-50 between men and women, they'll have Macron's example for inspiration: Contesting his first election, he handily beat Le Pen with 66 percent of Sunday's vote and tore up France's political map. [Full Article...]

Netanyahu's office denies rumors the prime minister opposes moving US Embassy

The front of the United States embassy is seen in Tel Aviv, Israel January 20, 2017. A diplomatic spat appeared to erupt between USA and Israeli officials over President Trump's visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City just days before he's due in the region. [Full Article...]

Trump NSA says status of Western Wall a 'policy decision'

Trump NSA says status of Western Wall a 'policy decision' Israel declared sovereignty over the whole of Jerusalem after 1967 but Palestinians and most of the world dispute that status. He cast uncertainty over years of global efforts to foster a two-state solution when he met Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, at the White House in February. [Full Article...]

UN Security Council condemns North Korea's missiles tests

Through sanctions and restrictions on technology transfers, the worldwide community was so far only able to delay and increase costs for North Korea, but otherwise has failed to stop the country's nuclear ambitions. But the US still firmly opposes the North's nuclear and ICBM development. In February, North Korea used a "lofted" trajectory to test its new KN-15 solid-fueled missile. [Full Article...]

Trump blocks U.S. aid for even providing abortion information

Trump blocks U.S. aid for even providing abortion information On May 14th, President Donald Trump issued a statement in honor of National Women's Health Week, pledging to "recognize the importance of providing women access to the best, evidence-based health information and care". "The laws already existing have already made that impossible", she said, referring to the 1973 Helms Amendment, which prohibits USA funding for abortions overseas. [Full Article...]

Trump and Erdogan to work toward finding Syria consensus

Trump and Erdogan to work toward finding Syria consensus Turkey has leverage of its own, not least being the importance of its Incirlik air base, which hosts about 1,500 US troops and is used for air strikes against the Islamic State by the USA and its allies. But the SDF's ranks, which estimates place at anywhere between 25,000 and 45,000 fighters, remain dominated by the YPG, which also retains control of the alliance's command, analysts say. [Full Article...]

Pakistan's challenge to United Nations court echoes India's in 1999

Pakistan's challenge to United Nations court echoes India's in 1999 ICJ president Ronny Abraham, after hearing arguments from both sides, said that the verdict would be announced "as soon as possible" and the date "duly communicated". Mittal insisted Pakistan has failed to respond to all Indian demands for information about the case, snubbing requests for documents including the charge sheet, and has failed to provide Jadav with consular access. [Full Article...]

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