Guterres takes oath of office as 9th UN Secretary

At the onset of his remarks at the swearing-in-ceremony, he paid a tribute to Ban for his "principled leadership (that) helped to chart the future of the United Nations?- through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development , through (his) commitment to peace and security, through (his) initiative to put human rights at the heart of (UNs) work". [Full Article...]

Exit polls: Romania's Social Democrats in strong lead

Exit polls: Romania's Social Democrats in strong lead Opinion polls show leftists could garner 40 to 44 percent in the vote, followed by their center-right rivals National Liberal Party (PNL) with about 18 to 27 percent. The PSD wants to install party leader Liviu Dragnea as prime minister, but he is now serving a suspended sentence for electoral fraud, which legally bars him from office. [Full Article...]

With demonetisation, exploitation of poor will be history: PM Modi

With demonetisation, exploitation of poor will be history: PM Modi December 10 (ANI): Objecting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's allegation that the opposition is not letting him speak on demonetisation in parliament, the Congress said the former is misleading the nation. I always said that the Government's measure will bring a degree of inconvenience but this short term pain will pave way for long term gains. "He should apologise for (what) he has inflicted upo... [Full Article...]

Supreme Court upholds broad power to curb insider trading

Federal appeals courts had disagreed about whether people making unauthorized disclosures of material and nonpublic information must receive a tangible benefit in return for their conduct to violate insider trading laws. "In its swiftly decided opinion, the Court stood up for common sense and affirmed what we have been arguing from the outset - that the law absolutely prohibits insiders from adv... [Full Article...]

Trump clear on China's stance on call with Taiwan's Tsai: Ministry

Trump made massive waves across the world by taking the unprecedented step of having a phone conversation with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen on December 2, something that a USA president has not done since President Jimmy Carter formally broke off US diplomatic recognition of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in 1979. [Full Article...]

A look at the life of Fidel Castro

A look at the life of Fidel Castro The United States (US) has extended condolences to the Cuban people, where certain factions are mourning the death of revolutionary leader and former president Fidel Castro, who died on Saturday at the age of 90. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that Castro was a symbol of the struggle and the defense of the issues faced by the developing world. [Full Article...]

Jennings to be Cook's latest opening partner for England

Lucia once and in Kolkata once, and both times he has picked up five wickets and he has been the match victor for us". Those comments could have been interpreted as a challenge to Cook's authority - Bayliss has previously maintained the primacy of the captain - but the 31-year-old was fully aware that this reminder would be issued and agrees with the message. [Full Article...]

Hurricane Otto strengthens to Category 2 storm

Hurricane Otto strengthens to Category 2 storm About a third of domestic properties in Costa Rica are insured. There were no immediate reports of any deaths. The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued an alert after the tremor struck about 75 miles (120km) off the coast of El Salvador. [Full Article...]

Michigan GOP elector launches website urging vote for Trump

There is not a single piece of evidence to support Trump's claims, but that does not stop him from saying it over and over again. The world rests on the shoulders of the state electors at this point. In November, Art Sisneros of Texas, resigned his position as an elector so he wouldn't have to vote. "His track record shows that he is a man of coveting and self-serving - a liar and a cheat shou... [Full Article...]

Joe Biden says 2020 Presidential Campaign

Joe Biden says 2020 Presidential Campaign Biden continued: "I can't see the circumstance in which I'd run, but what I've learned a long long time ago, Stephen, is to never say "never" - you don't know what's going to happen". He returned to the US Senate on Monday after it voted to rename a piece of legislation after his late son Beau, who died of brain cancer a year ago. [Full Article...]

Bolivian Airport Official Flees to Brazil, Seeks Asylum After Plane Crash

In the crash's wake, Bolivian authorities have launched an investigation and several high-ranking aviation officials have been suspended. Relatives of Chapecoense soccer club head coach Caio Junior, who died in the plane crash in Colombia, participate in a ceremony to pay tribute to him in Curitiba, Brazil, December 4, 2016. [Full Article...]

Funeral honors begin in Brazil for Chapecoense plane crash victims

Chapeco Mayor Luciano Buligon gave thanks to Colombia for its support and told the crowd that " legends do not die ". Soccer team fans gathered at two soccer stadiums and held prayer vigils for the victims of the plane crash. "I think in addition to being a good-bye, it's just really sad". Glenn Burris, president of Foursquare in the USA, posted a message on social media confirming the deat... [Full Article...]

CONMEBOL confirms Chapecoense as 'champions of the Copa Sudamericana'

The Brazilian club's chartered plane, headed for the first leg of the final and the biggest game in the club's history, crashed into Medellin's mountainous region surrounding the local airport. Just six of the 77 people on board survived, including three players. Authorities are investigating the cause of the accident, and the charter flight operator, Lamia, has been grounded. [Full Article...]

Renzi says not afraid of new elections in Italy

Renzi says not afraid of new elections in Italy Following the talks, Mr Renzi told reporters he would spend Thursday with his family, adding: "Hopefully tomorrow I will have more luck in the PlayStation battle with my sons than I have had here". He capitalized on his show-business bravado to promote an anti-establishment movement spanning both the left and right of politics. With up to 30 percent of voters supporting the anti-euro party, Gril... [Full Article...]

City officials: Congress shortchanging NYC on Trump security

NY police officers are deployed around the clock outside Trump Tower at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, one of the busiest intersections in the city and particularly crowded in December with tourists and Christmas shoppers. O'Neill called the intersection at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue "one of the busiest in the city", and the security operation has constricted traffic during the holiday season... [Full Article...]

Assange releases testimony on rape claim

Assange releases testimony on rape claim The 19-page statement documented responses he gave to Swedish prosecutors while being questioned at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London on November 14 over allegations that he committed rape while in Sweden in 2010. The WikiLeaks editor-in-chief said he did not believe Swedish prosecutor Ms Ny was "acting in good faith or with the objectivity and impartiality required of her office". [Full Article...]

Human Error Led To Accidental Strike On Syrian Forces, Pentagon Finds

Human Error Led To Accidental Strike On Syrian Forces, Pentagon Finds The fighters were not wearing military uniforms or displaying flags or other identifying insignia, he said. That hotline eventually led to the coalition halting its airstrikes - but, once again, the process was hampered by multiple mistakes. [Full Article...]

Farooq's pledge to Hurriyat proves NC's role in Kashmir unrest: Mehbooba

Farooq's pledge to Hurriyat proves NC's role in Kashmir unrest: Mehbooba They said the present unrest in Valley was due to the anti-national attitude of National Conference and reminded that it was NC and its MLC who created trouble during APMCC Kounsar Nag Yatra making a religious Yatra into a communal issue in Kashmir. [Full Article...]

Math a concern for US teens; science, reading flat on test

According to the results, Israel's achievement in science stood at 467 points compared to the OECD average of 493, ranking Israel in 40th place. About 540,000 students took the exam in 2015. Finland, in fourth, scored 526, one place above Ireland (521). In math the US average was 470, well below the OECD average of 490 points. Average scores ranged from 564 in Singapore to 328 in the ... [Full Article...]

Was Trump's Taiwan contact a policy shift or a misstep?

Stephen Yates, a former national security aide to Vice President Dick Cheney who has been in touch with Trump advisers, said the call with Tsai was arranged by the transition team and showed the president-elect wants to rebalance the US relationship with China. [Full Article...]

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