US 'Concerned' About Turkish Strikes On Kurdish Allies In Iraq, Syria

USA officials said Turkey had informed the United States less than an hour in advance that it meant to carry out the bombing raids in the crowded airspace over northern Syria and Iraq. More than 20 people were killed when Turkey launched a series of air strikes against Kurdish militia groups in Syria and Iraq on Tuesday, attacking a key USA ally in the fight against ISIL in Syria and escalating ... [Full Article...]

Body of Toddler Found in Deplorable Home

The officials saw Semaj and the woman's other two children. Her hair was in ponytails with white beads. There is no apparent sign of foul play, Hoffmeyer said. A pond was searched in the Sugar Creek subdivision and a Cook County helicopter service is providing air search using infrared and heat capabilities. [Full Article...]

Turkey referendum: What happened and what comes next

Turkey referendum: What happened and what comes next To the dismay of opposition parties and "No" supporters, the YSK made a last-minute decision on Sunday to accept ballot documents in envelopes without an official stamp. "We demand the cancellation of this referendum", Tezcan said. "We will use all democratic and peaceful means to reject the referendum result ..." Monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, who als... [Full Article...]

First Lady Celebrates Birthday

First Lady Celebrates Birthday It was, a posteriori, the one and only time that Melania Trump had the reins of their relation in hand. Protesters at the Women's March carried posters that said FREE MELANIA . However, despite all the rumors and assumption running rampant on social media and on the streets, there are witnesses that claim Melania and Donald Trump have a good marriage. [Full Article...]

Israel PM cancels meeting with German FM over NGO meets

On Monday, an Israeli official had said Netanyahu, who is also foreign minister, would not see Gabriel if he went ahead with meeting the Israeli group "Breaking the Silence". Oren, who also canceled his own scheduled meeting with the foreign minister, suggested Gabriel may have even been looking for a fight, hoping to gain publicity and domestic German support for the move. [Full Article...]

Lawmakers suggest former Trump aide Flynn broke US law

Lawmakers suggest former Trump aide Flynn broke US law Flynn, he added , failed to obtain permission from the U.S. Department of Defense before accepting the alleged funds and could be criminally prosecuted. They also said they saw Flynn's disclosure form. "And there are repercussions for the violation of law". There was no immediate response to a request for comment from Flynn's attorney. [Full Article...]

Flynn told DIA about Russian Federation, lawyer says

Chaffetz and Cummings said they planned to write to the comptroller of the Army and the Defense Department's inspector general to determine whether Flynn broke the law and whether the government needs to pursue criminal charges. Weeks after his departure, Flynn acknowledged that he had been on the payroll of the Turkish government while serving as a top surrogate and adviser to Trump's campaign - ... [Full Article...]

Taliban roadside bombing kills 9 in northwestern Pakistan

Taliban roadside bombing kills 9 in northwestern Pakistan The pickup ran over a landmine when explosion occurred and killed seven people including a woman and four personnel of Khasadar force. Although no group has claimed responsibility for the blast, Kurram Agency Assistant Political Agent Shahid Ali Khan said militants had planted the bomb, Dawn reported. [Full Article...]

Baldwin encourages Perdue to visit Wisconsin dairy farmers

Baldwin encourages Perdue to visit Wisconsin dairy farmers We will not stand for this. "Included in there is lumber, timber and energy". "The US has a $400 million dairy surplus with Canada, so it's not Canada that's the challenge here", he said. What's new is how Trump is playing up the issue. Indeed, he actually cast the topsy-turvy messaging as a positive thing. With his criticism of supply management, Trump is kicking at an open door. [Full Article...]

United Nations conference seeks $2.1B for Yemen humanitarian aid

The UN's humanitarian arm, OCHA , says that 18.8 million people in Yemen are now "in need of humanitarian or protection assistance" after a simmering conflict erupted in 2014. Located along the western border with the Red Sea, Hodeidah is a crucial port for humanitarian supplies transported from Djibouti, and almost 80 percent of food imports. [Full Article...]

Dems: Trump can avert shutdown risk if he relents on wall

Dems: Trump can avert shutdown risk if he relents on wall CNN reported that top administration officials insist there is no interest in a shutdown and that all attempts will be made to prevent one, explaining that the most likely scenario is a stopgap bill that would last about a week until a deal is reached. [Full Article...]

Labour to lose out to Tories in Wales

Labour to lose out to Tories in Wales Just as the party was almost wiped out by the SNP in Scotland, the survey suggests it is going backwards in a previously solid heartland. Today the poll of Westminster voting intention, carried out by YouGov poll for Cardiff University and ITV, forecast 21 seats for the Tories, 15 for Labour , three for Plaid and one for the Liberal Democrats. [Full Article...]

Kerala minister MM Mani in trouble for 'anti-women' remarks

Kerala minister MM Mani in trouble for 'anti-women' remarks Meanwhile, activists of the Youth Congress and the KSU took out a protest march in Thiruvananthapuram seeking resignation of Mani. Earlier, Chennithala told the assembly that the state had been going through unusual circumstances of late. [Full Article...]

Aya Hijazi meets Donald Trump after release from Egypt

They were acquitted last Sunday of child abuse and trafficking charges that were dismissed as bogus by U.S. officials. Aya Hijazi, center, a dual US-Egyptian citizen, is acquitted by an Egyptian court after almost three years of detention over accusations related to running a foundation dedicated to helping street children, in Cairo, Egypt, April 16, 2017. [Full Article...]

Paris police shot on Champs-Elysées; ISIS claims attack

The assailant, who fired at officers with a machine gun, was shot dead by police while trying to flee. The shooting on the final day of the presidential campaigning in France's pivotal presidential election caused the candidates to suspend last-minute pitches before the Sunday vote. [Full Article...]

Russia: Putin Explained to Tillerson Why Relations Have Deteriorated

But while Mr Tillerson tamed some of the more provocative language he had used towards Russian Federation in recent days, he said the two countries continued to "diverge" on key issues. President Donald Trump to launch the first direct military assault against the Bashar al-Assad regime. He said U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is considering the request. [Full Article...]

Pence visits Japan, turning focus to trade with key ally

Pence visits Japan, turning focus to trade with key ally Meanwhile, Twitter gave VP Mike Pence kudos for his stern demeanor in North Korea. I think you're not going to see him telegraphing how he's going to respond to any military or other situation going forward. "I said, 'Do you want on your resume that during your presidency the North Koreans developed a missile that could hit the American homeland with a nuclear weapon on top of it?' And he said, ... [Full Article...]

United Kingdom prime minister defends decision to seek snap election

She's nearly certain to win the motion given that opposition legislators also support an early election. The next general election wasn't due until 2020, one year after Brexit talks are scheduled to conclude. The early general election will not change the two-year departure timetable, but has opened up a new episode of bickering over the measure, which has bitterly divided the country for the pa... [Full Article...]

Let's Check In With Tiger Woods

Let's Check In With Tiger Woods The site of the course will be Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale. Stewart's wife Tracey says she's touched by the naming of this new course. "[The Masters] probably wouldn't have been the best place for Tiger to start the year out after this most recent setback, and I think we should probably look, maybe something just after The Players Championship", he said during a recent appearance on The R... [Full Article...]

In Japan, Vice President Pence Pushes For Bilateral Trade Deal

The United States is not seeking to negotiate with North Korea and it is not in direct talks "at this time" with the rogue Asian nation, Vice President Mike Pence told CNN and the Washington Post Wednesday. The U.S. Pacific Command said in a statement Wednesday that the USS Carl Vinson strike group is heading to the western Pacific "as a prudent measure". [Full Article...]

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