Lawyer: Justice to no longer contest Texas' voter ID law

Those who oppose the law believe that it discriminates against minority voters with strict identification provisions. But the legal fight over Texas's voter-ID law has been especially fierce. The move to dismiss its claim that the Texas law was adopted with a discriminatory goal is not an outright withdrawal of the Justice Department from the case - the DOJ's claim that the law had a discriminator... [Full Article...]

8-year-old shot to death after crash in Houston

Saturday, February 25th when their Honda Accord hit a Pontiac that was speeding southbound along with a third vehicle. Latoyia Thomas was just five minutes from home after getting her hair braided early Saturday morning. "Yeah I'm OK. What happened mama?" "Each one of those bullets hit the back of my auto where my baby was", she said. And she said that before the sedan drove away, a woman in t... [Full Article...]

Buck: Affordable Care Act replacement will "take a while to formulate"

Buck: Affordable Care Act replacement will The draft bill also has a continuous coverage requirement: People who drop their health plan early would be hit with a 30 percent hike in their premiums for the rest of the year. Levitt is not convinced the Republican's continuous coverage plan would work. Most of the respondents to the Kaiser Foundation poll - 65 percent - said they would prefer to see Medicaid continue as is. [Full Article...]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Women 'here to stay' on the Supreme Court

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Women 'here to stay' on the Supreme Court In an interview broadcast on BBC Newsnight on Thursday, Ginsburg shied away from addressing Donald Trump's presidency but struck a hopeful tone about some of the issues his administration has divisive stances on, including immigration, women's rights and the press. [Full Article...]

This is the warmest February day ever recorded in Boston

It also equaled the all-time warmest day in February in the city's history. Record highs in Concord (63 degrees) and Portsmouth (62 degrees) set a year ago could fall. The 65 degree midday high at Bradley International Airport in CT was three degrees shy of the record set there 27 years ago. Boston hit 71 degrees , making Friday the warmest February day ever recorded in the city. [Full Article...]

Presidents Day 2017: Top 10 Quotes to Celebrate Our Nation

Millions of Americans will be honoring the legacy of America's presidents on Monday-even though a national Presidents Day holiday is pure fiction. Others are trying to make You're Fired- Trump's catchphrase from The Apprentice- trend. When Presidents' Day was established in 1971, many state and local governments started celebrating Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays on the same day. [Full Article...]

ICE agents reportedly arrest alleged domestic violence vicitm at Texas courthouse

ICE agents reportedly arrest alleged domestic violence vicitm at Texas courthouse She was there receive a protective order from her live-in boyfriend, the El Paso Times reported Wednesday. "It has an incredible chilling effect for all undocumented victims of any crime in our community". She also had a criminal record which included convictions for Larceny-from Mails, False Imprisonment, Assault, Domestic Violence and a probation violation. [Full Article...]

Mulvaney Overcomes McCain Opposition, Confirmed 51-49 As Budget Director

Mick Mulvaney, formerly a Representative to the U.S. Congress from SC, faced opposition from members of the Republican Party prior to his confirmation. "I rise in opposition to the nomination of Congressman Mick Mulvaney to serve as Director of the Office of Management and Budget", McCain said on the Senate floor. [Full Article...]

Autopsies set for 2 bodies found in search for missing in girls

The bridge is a frequented spot for its beauty and was the backdrop of the final picture of Abigail Williams taken by Liberty German and posted to Snapchat at 2:07 p.m., some hours before they were declared missing at 5:30 p.m on February 13. [Full Article...]

Police investigating killing that was streamed to Facebook live

The man, the 2-year-old boy and a 20-year-old woman were shot about 1:30 p.m.in an alley between the 2300 blocks of South Kenneth Avenue and South Kostner Avenue in the Lawndale neighborhood. This was the second shooting of a child in Chicago on that day. Both girls were rushed to hospitals in critical condition after they were shot Saturday night. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump knew Michael Flynn misled officials on Russian Federation calls for 'weeks'

Donald Trump knew Michael Flynn misled officials on Russian Federation calls for 'weeks' In that and a series of other morning tweets Wednesday, Trump appeared to be trying to distance himself from any appearance of close ties with Russia following published reports that USA agencies had intercepted phone calls past year between Russian intelligence officials and his 2016 campaign team. [Full Article...]

Humana's exit from 2018 Obamacare market sets states and insurers scrambling

Health insurer Humana is leaving the Affordable Care Act's public insurance exchanges next year as it regroups after ending its proposed combination with rival insurer Aetna. "The rate of uninsured would jump by 90 percent, almost 65,000 jobs would be lost, and Florida's seniors would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare savings all within the first few years.We've all felt burned as... [Full Article...]

Fire in Mickey & Friends Parking Structure

Disneyland confirmed the fire was on the second-floor of the lot. "I think it was one flight below our vehicle", said Adam Habie of Placentia. Four cars were destroyed and four more had major damage from the fire, which brought losses estimated at $180,000, the Anaheim Police Department said. [Full Article...]

Yale Drops 'White Supremacist' Name From College, Honors Female Scientist Instead

Yale Drops 'White Supremacist' Name From College, Honors Female Scientist Instead Calhoun, a Yale graduate who was vice president of the United States from 1825 to 1832. And Salovey said he remains concerned that renaming buildings could erase Yale's history, describing the Calhoun case as an exception. The renaming of the college comes after nearly a year of controversy. Hopper, the college's new namesake, was a groundbreaking computer scientist, military leader and was on... [Full Article...]

Northeast Buried by Winter Storm, Thousands of Flights Affected

Meanwhile, New York's Big Three airports-John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport-are also being heavily impacted by Niko. "And you have a child", Werner said. The biggest and longest-lasting snowstorms, including a blizzard that dumped the heaviest amount of snow on record in NY a year ago, tend to occur when such blocking patterns are ... [Full Article...]

Sen. Shaheen Calls for Up-or-Down Vote on Trump's SCOTUS Nominee

Sen. Shaheen Calls for Up-or-Down Vote on Trump's SCOTUS Nominee The two chatted quietly and gave no statements as reporters and photographers were escorted into Schumer's office to photograph them together. But also as a result, with the majority shoe now on the other foot, Senate Republicans have been able to confirm President Donald Trump's cabinet nominees that formerly might have been rejected. [Full Article...]

Homeland Security Chief Admits Failures in Travel Ban Rollout

He stated without explanation that "DHS is immediately taking all appropriate action to ensure that the parole and asylum provisions of federal immigration law consistently applied with the requirements of the law, and not exploited to prevent the removal of otherwise removable aliens". [Full Article...]

On CNN, Reich Pushes Theory Right-Wingers Staged Riots at UC Berkeley

Protesters turned out by the hundreds on campus hours before the speech by Yiannopoulos, a journalist for Breitbart News. "They were outside agitators". Terry Hartle, a senior vice president at the American Council of Education, which represents US colleges and universities, says it's possible , but only under "clearly dictated procedures" that relate to "financial fraud or scientific misconduc... [Full Article...]

Senate Panel Approves Trump EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt

Senate Panel Approves Trump EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt Environmental Protection Agency. This will impact future EPA nominees. Democrats on Wednesday said they boycotted the vote because Pruitt had not answered questions they submitted to the nominee in writing. She said she wants to leave her colleagues on the other side of the aisle with one thought. "That just like the Republicans did for Obama, only this time with a good cause". [Full Article...]

Two GOP senators oppose Trump's education pick

Two GOP senators oppose Trump's education pick With all Democrats opposed to the nomination, along with the two independent senators who caucus with the Democrats, Collins and Murkowski's defections put DeVos' chances of confirmation chances on a razor's edge. Our nation needs a Secretary of Education who has the qualifications, the knowledge, and the dedication to ensure that all kids - regardless of background or ZIP code - have the chance... [Full Article...]

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