Three Chinese students injured in French vehicle attack

French police officers

Car Rams Into Crowd Near School in Southern France- Reports

At least three people were injured Friday when a speeding vehicle deliberately slammed into a crowd outside of a school in Toulouse, southwest France. Couilleau says the driver claimed he acted deliberately and has been arrested.

The driver, a 28-year-old man who was known to police for committing minor offenses, was arrested at the scene, polices sources said. According to the French police, a man driving a vehicle outside a high school near Toulouse "deliberately" rammed into the students, leaving two of them in a serious condition, AFP said.

The driver is believed to be of "Asian origin" with a history of "psychological troubles", Le Figaro newspaper reported.

Three of the school's students, reportedly Chinese nationals, sustained injuries during the incident.

Two of the injured are in a serious condition. They have been admitted to hospital in the city. He was known to the police but not to terrorist affairs.

He said he wanted revenge, but did not specify what for.

"We thought there was an accident because when we got off the campus there were a lot of police cars around".

One hundred Chinese students were enrolled this year on an MBA course at the institute, the local paper said.

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