Sony Q2 2017 revenue up, Playstation biggest contributor

Monday: Paris Games Week 2017 Brings a New PlayStation Media Showcase – PlayStation.Blog

Sony Debuts New and Extended Final Fantasy, Star Wars, Call of Duty and Monster Hunter Trailers at Paris Games Week

PS4 Gets Guacamelee 2, Check Out The First Gameplay Trailer-The Metroidvania style is coming "soon" to PlayStation 4, Sony announces at Paris Games Week.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions about Spelunky 2 and we have a lot more to share with you in the months to come about what's new, what's returning, and when you'll be able to play the game. No other platforms were mentioned, so the Drinkbox-developed sequel presumably won't be making its way to PlayStation Vita. "Friends for Hire" is a mode that allows players to team up with friends to liberate Hope County.

This completely new IP comes from developers Sucker Punch Productions, best known for the Infamous series.

After Spelunky was released, I took a break from game development, got married, and became a dad!

Concrete Genie Revealed, Coming To Playstation 4-Wield a magical brush to create colorful, living creatures in Concrete Genie, coming to PS4. You take control of a "titan", a huge creature that has enormous size and firepower. We can't wait to bring you back into the world of Spelunky! As an expanded version of The Heist, an early selection of PSVR action sequences, Blood & Truth offers a larger experience and proper narrative. While details are slim for now, the company has not revealed the release date. A top-down shooter that's drenched in gunfire and neon lights, expect bullet hell and probably a great soundtrack. The seven new games, however, have not been named and are considered to be one of the most awaited surprises by Sony. The Game and Network Service division, encompassing Playstation, reported sales of ¥443.2bn ($3.92bn), more than doubling what it made the previous period last year and its operating income rose 35.8% year-on-year at ¥54.8bn ($484.7m).

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