PlayStation trophies now can earn discounts on the PlayStation store

PlayStation Reward Scheme Now Allows Players to Earn Points for Unlocking Trophies (US Only)

PlayStation Trophies Can Now Earn You A Very Small Amount Of Money

Thanks to the new Sony Rewards program, it seems Sony are willing to offer a bounty for collecting trophies; though it'll take a while to reap the best rewards.

Sony is beefing up their Sony Rewards program with brand new Rewards Passes that can be redeemed for PlayStation Store credit (or free games).

Silver trophies count for one point, gold trophies for 10 and platinum for 100 each. This might even get me to start hunting for that "Back From Hell" trophy you get for completing the ever tedious, ever frustrating Extreme Survival in Street Fighter 5. Second, any Trophies earned prior to their inclusion in the Sony Rewards program won't count toward your total.

However, and this is a bit of a bummer to a large part of the PlayStation fanbase, the rewards scheme only applies to those in the United States. So, this promotion won't exactly be earning you free games hand-over-fist, but it's something.

A new rewards scheme means your PlayStation trophies are not just cosmetic anymore. Those points can in turn become PSN credit vouchers, allowing you to purchase games, DLC, TV shows, and movies. A nice gesture of appreciation for trophy hoarders, or could Sony have done more?

What can you do with these points?

Outside of perhaps a cool helmet for an avatar or a new background theme for your menus, console gaming trophies (achievements if you speak Xbox) have been more about personal satisfaction than anything else, but that's changing for PlayStation users. They were always harmless to begin with and players didn't have to sweat over them but now they have some important uses that will make them harder to ignore. All we know right now is it's being looked into and that's okay for now.

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