Perfect Christmas gift for ranch lovers

Hidden Valley Is Now Selling Kegs of Ranch Dressing

Calling all ranch lovers — your salad dressing dreams are coming true in the best way

Just because you have to eat your vegetables this holiday season doesn't mean you have to eat them plain.

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a keg? The website says the keg is lined with a special FDA approved coating that will keep the dressing fresh for an entire year - if it even lasts that long in some households!

A website called Flavour Gallery is selling five liter mini kegs of Hidden Valley ranch dressing.

Hidden Valley also has gifts for the ranch lovers who prefer to show their boldness through their fashion.

Flavour Gallery is now accepting pre-orders for the ranch kegs, which officially go on sale December 11.

They'll be no more stopping your salad-n-wings party to open up those pesky bottles of dressing, because, like says, "It isn't a party unless the Hidden Valley® Ranch is flowin". From ornaments to slippers and ugly sweaters, you can complete your holiday shopping in just a few clicks.

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