Next iPad Will Match New Feature

A redesigned, High-End iPad with Face ID Coming in 2018

Apple's next iPad will steal the iPhone X's best features

Following in the iPhone X footsteps, Apple is working on developing new iPads that will include its new facial recognition, Face ID, in favour of the home button.

The company plans to ditch the device's home button and will instead incorporate the new Face ID system now found on the iPhone X. These features will replace the iPad home button that has originally come with a fingerprint scanner since release in early 2014.

Benjamin imagines an iPad Pro that uses Apple's Face ID facial recognition system that unlocks a device via authentication of a registered users facial features.

In addition to all these, the new iPad is also expected to feature a faster processor coupled with a custom graphics processing unit by Apple.

Furthermore the report reveals a new, improved Apple Pencil will be released next year.

OLED displays are out of the question because of "technical and financial constraints". The display of the iPad will look similar to the iPad Pro.

The tipster, who has been proved to be reliable when it comes to Apple, also predicted there might be certain design changes in Apple's next year's offerings as a direct result of the company using more stainless steel components in the body. This may allow Apple to fit a much larger screen in the same chassis as the iPad Pro 10.5.

Like the iPhone X, the 2018 iPad is set to drop the Home button.

iPad sales have been in steady decline for the past three years.

Apple has recently refreshed its iPad lineup in June 2017 at Worldwide Conference 2017. However, by the passing of time, we would get to see plenty of leaks and rumors of this new generation iPad and of course the new concept, Apple Pencil Stylus. This could arrive in the form of the Apple A11X CPU, which is expected to be a 7nm chip that, according to MacRumours, Apple started developing with TSMC earlier this year.

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