Fix Apple's Annoying IOS Update "i" Bug With These Two Tricks

How Apple is dealing with the ‘big autocorrect’ issue on iOS 11.1 update

Bizarre iOS bug turns “I” into “A” with a symbol

However, some iOS software fall short of end-user expectations and hence necessitates for production of an upgrade to fix the shortcomings. Nonetheless, it is expected that only a software update on iOS 11.1 can reverse the situation.

But some users who have it in hand already are reporting that it shipped with an ironic Autocorrect glitch-one that makes it incredibly frustrating to type. Public beta testers were seeded with a second beta of iOS 11.2 this morning. In the "Shortcut" field, enter a lowercase "i" 5. Apple isn't saying, but there are some technical theories.

Go to Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement. The symbol is known in unicode as FE0F, a variation selector used to display characters in other languages that support them. Instead, every time they attempt to use the English first-person pronoun, it gets replaced by the letter A and an unprintable unicode character, typically rendered as a question mark in a box, but occasionally five horizontal bars instead.

This workaround fix should mean that the system prioritizes the manually-added user text replacement over the weird garbled mess that iOS is errantly suggesting.

The iOS 11.1 is a bag full of goodies.

Every transaction requires verification, either through Face/Touch ID or password entry, and the full version of this new update will arrive when iOS 11.2 is released for all iPhone users later this year. Posts such as "iOS 11.1 freaking sucks, it really kills battery life". You also need to have two-factor authentication set up on your Apple account.

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