Sylvester Stallone To Direct, Produce Creed 2

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Sylvester Stallone will be appearing as a guest star in the next season of "This is Us".

Stallone has announced that he will be directing, producing and starring in the highly anticipated film Creed 2, starring Michael B. Jordan.

Jordan plays Adonis Johnson and Sylvester Stallone is Rocky Balboa in "Creed".

If Stallone does indeed take over for Creed director and frequent Jordan collaborator Ryan Coogler, the move would put the franchise's power back in the hands of its original architect.

He also shared photos of Jordan from the first film to get fans exited about this sequel. "One more round!" Earlier this, Stallone announced that the sequel would begin shooting sometime in 2018.

Stallone, who shot to fame in 1976 as the zero-to-hero boxing champ Rocky Balboa, has directed four previous films in the "Rocky" series, the most recent being 2006's "Rocky Balboa".

Talks about the potential for Creed 2 were being had as far back as January a year ago, with Jordan stating he believed that a sequel would need a real villain.

Creed 2 is now expected in theaters sometime during 2019.

No director or release date has been confirmed for the long awaited "Creed 2", but more news to follow.

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