Plane Headed to LAX Makes Emergency Landing in Newfoundland After Engine Damage

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NEW Air France Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Goose Bay

The Airbus A380 was flying at the altitude of 37,000 feet near Greenland when it experienced engine failure, Flightradar 24 reported.

The pilot came on over the loudspeaker and said the plane had “lost” one of its engines and would be attempting to land in Canada, said Adams.

The double-deck Airbus A380 aircraft landed safely at Goose Bay Airport on the eastern tip of Canada, according to a statement from Air France.

"The cabin started vibrating".

"We heard a big popping sound and the airplane basically dropped and it was trembling", a passenger, Sarah Eamigh, told the New York Daily News.

In an official statement, Air France confirmed that "the crew of flight AF 066 operated by A380 from Paris-CDG to Los Angeles chose to divert to Goose Bay Airport (Canada) following serious damage to one of its engines".

The exact cause of the engine blowout is not known.

Passengers say they were alerted to the incident by a loud "boom" sound and vibration, which made some think they were going to go down.

No-one was injured in the incident, but passengers remained on board hours after the landing at 15:42 GMT.

"We were just stretching and talking, and suddenly there was an enormous bang, and the whole plane shook", Birkhead, 59, said. Video taken by one passenger shows a small piece of an engine dangling from the aircraft.

"Engine failure halfway over the Atlantic ocean. birdstrike possibility", he wrote.

She said she was "jostled" and the plane dipped slightly "but the pilots recovered beautifully".

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