North Korea lawmaker: Need nukes because of United States threat

North Korea has threatened Australia and warned the country not to align with the United States

North Korea has threatened Australia and warned the country not to align with the United States

They believe that these sanctions will cut off the cash flow in North Korea which is helping the countries leader #Kim Jong Un to continue his missile program.

A total ban on European Union investment in North Korea is now in force, along with a complete halt to sales of crude oil and refined petroleum products. Many companies and regime officials will be hit with an asset freeze, and also travel bans imposed.

According to Sky News, #Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary said in a statement: " North Korea continues to pose a threat which is unacceptable to the global community, which is why the United Kingdom, working closely with the European Union, has secured a set of stringent new sanctions.

The banned luxury goods list will be reviewed and personal payments sent to the rogue state will be capped at 5,000 euros, down from the current 15,000 euros.

While China and Russian Federation have backed the terms of sanctions, they are also both deeply critical of USA foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific and have joined a number of countries in appealing to Trump to de-escalate the increasingly tense nuclear standoff between him and his North Korean counterpart. But shortly before Chung Sye-kyun, speaker of South Korea's National Assembly, was to take the floor, a TASS correspondent saw the North Korean delegation leaving the conference hall and going outside the building.

"Should Australia continue to follow the USA in imposing military, economic and diplomatic pressure upon the DPRK despite our repeated warnings, they will not be able to avoid a disaster", state-run news agency KCNA warned in a statement on Saturday.

Residents watch a big video screen on Mirae Scientists Street in Pyongyang showing newsreader Ri Chun-Hee as she announces the news that the country has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on September 3, 2017.

Ms Bishop said North Korea was entirely to blame for escalating tensions in the region, because it had defied UN Security Council resolutions and pressed ahead with nuclear tests.

Tensions have reached new highs this year as the US President squares up to Kim Jong-un.

Korea has also been developing the ability to deploy missiles from a submarine, however, this is said to be some way off, which could be a way the loss of money to the country could be a good thing, to halt these kinds of productions.

A member of North Korea's Parliament spoke about the threat of destruction the country faces from the United States.

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