Nintendo Switch Now Lets You Capture Your Own Video


The Nintendo Switch 4.0.0 Firmware Update Secretly Added Wireless USB Audio Support

This is mostly for those unlucky few who received a glitchy console, so this allows for their data to be transferred to a working version.

If you've been looking to move your saved data to a different Switch console, you can finally do it. These updates won't address numerous complaints about the Switch-like its lack of cloud saves, third-party apps, or Virtual Console-but they do signal Nintendo's commitment to expanding the console's functionality and listening to its customers' feedback. A Nintendo Account is required to be linked to the user account on the source console, and not linked to a user account on the target console. Nintendo mentions that more games will add support but didn't go into specifics. Users are then asked to click on an "Update" button to install the software and restart the console. Please note the data is removed from the original system.

Nintendo has given its Switch game console a huge feature boost with the latest firmware update.

Video game stories from other sites on the web. From there, players can trim the clips and share them on Facebook or Twitter.

This report comes from Kotaku, which indicates that video capture can be anywhere between one, three or five minutes, depending on when the update arrives. While only four games now support this feature, Super Mario Odyssey will be the fifth.

But, for video capture at least, there's a catch: it now only works with four Nintendo-developed games: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (version 1.3 onwards), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (1.3 onwards), Splatoon 2 (1.2 onwards) and Arms (3.1 onwards).

The Nintendo Switch can now capture 30-second chunks of gameplay for a select number of games thanks to an update that hit the system overnight.

Given its built-in snapshot tool, Super Mario Odyssey looks like the next Switch title that could support video capture. It's unknown why only certain games are compatible, but it might be due to publisher or developer restrictions.

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However, the most interesting part appears around the 2:50 minute of the video, when the user enters the options menu of the game and you can clearly see the right option of motion controls.

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