Man City star De Bruyne: We're ruthless compared to previous year

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Viva La Revolution by Ste | Oct 19 2017 | 0 comments

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is ready to face Burnley in the Premier League on Saturday, three weeks after breaking a rib in a auto crash in Amsterdam, manager Pep Guardiola has said.

League leaders City have netted 17 goals in their last three home matches, including one of the most ruthless attacking displays of the season when they thrashed Stoke City 7-2 last weekend.

"Obviously, we're only humans and we make mistakes but we are trying to get that high level as much as possible", said De Bruyne, who has scored 15 goals with Manchester City.

"I said many times over the last weeks, we played good in the last games but always we can improve", Guardiola said.

Asked if he believed the Manchester clubs were the favourites in the title race, De Bruyne said: "For the moment I think so, but everybody's still there".

"I'm just growing on what I've done the last years", he added.

"But it's so hard to compare with other teams from other leagues".

"For me, it's not easy, but it's easier to go in the way that they are going".

He was injured for that penalty shoot-out triumph against Liverpool at Wembley and being viewed as a front-runner for England's top individual awards this season is not causing De Bruyne to lose sight of the bigger picture. "The way it looks at the moment is very positive".

"Chelsea are going to be competing, they are going to be taking points off all of the teams around them, but I think ultimately the teams with the deepest squads - Man City and Man Utd will be very close [to winning the Premier League title]".

"At the moment, we're playing maybe a little bit better, but we're just building on what we did previous year and for the moment everything is going well".

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