GM lays out all-electric plan to go zero emissions

Flags fly outside the General Motors world headquarters building

General Motors to ramp up electric vehicle plans, 20 new models planned over next 6 years

On the near horizon, GM has committed to introducing two new all-electric vehicles within the next 18 months, springboarding off of what the automaker learned from the launch of the Chevrolet Bolt EV this year - the first of a promised 20 new all-electric cars to launch by 2023. The two models will be the first of at least 20 new all-electric vehicles that GM plans to bring out by 2023.

Mark Reuss, GM's chief of global product development, talked about the company's new course at a media event in MI on Monday.

GM has previously announced plans to make some of its future electric vehicles capable of driving themselves in robot taxi fleets.

Fuel cell vehicles will also play a role in GM's future, the company said. The cars, priced at almost $15,500, are the first attempt by the Indian government to replace its half-a-million fleet of diesel and petrol cars - used by hhigh-rankinggovernment employees - with electric vehicles.

The new battery-electric vehicles will use a new-generation drivetrain that incorporates lessons learned from the Bolt, GM said.

She also added that GM will help with "accelerating" the deployment of rapid-charging stations for its customers.

Today's announcement by GM echoes similar announcements from other automakers planning to transition their portfolios to be electrified.

The unexpected shift puts GM in the company of Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Aston Martin, which have all made plans to go all-electric.

Most foreign auto majors are not ready to bring their electric offerings to India.

"With its capability and flexible architecture, SURUS could be used as a delivery vehicle, truck or even an ambulance - all emissions free", the company said in a news release.

GM has been a pioneer in the development of fuel-cell technology, putting its first prototype on the road four decades ago.

And rival Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is expected to announce a broader electric-vehicle effort soon, perhaps as early as Tuesday. Tata's rival in the market, Mahindra - now the only company manufacturing electric vehicles in India - lost the bid.

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