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Ryanair this week offered pilots a bonus to work 10 additional days to alleviate a pilot shortage that has caused the cancellation of over 2,000 flights in September and October, hitting the airline's share price and reputation.

Pilots in Stansted, Frankfurt and Berlin will also be offered the same amount - as the company says traditionally they don't want to base themselves in these locations.

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has said the firm is planning to make pilots delay a week's holiday as it wrestles with massive flight cancellations.

However, the bonus is not applicable to pilots who have resigned and are working their notice prior to 31 October 2018, nor will it be offered to pilots with more than four unauthorised absences during this period.

Mr O'Leary explained the current cost of the six weeks of cancellations is £22million.

At a meeting with shareholders at the airline's AGM in Dublin, O'Leary said the airline does not need the agreement of pilots to take back a week of their leave.

He dismissed talk of possible industrial action, including reported plans for a work-to-rule, saying: "There isn't a union".

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He says that to avoid further cancellations, Ryanair is requesting between one and two blocks of five days from every pilot who has already been assigned their month off.

Until now, they say, they've been scattered and isolated, making them much less powerful.

Customers have been left angry and in tears as they have been forced to call an expensive premium hotline, jammed with other distressed callers, in order to ask for refunds and new flights home.Some have been unable to return to work after their trips, and cost an unaffordable amount in unexpected hotel bills.

"We have some goodies to discuss with pilots, but if pilots misbehave, that would be the end of the discussion of the goodies".

The letter, which the BBC said comes from staff all over Europe, reportedly says new contracts will stop the large exodus of Ryanair pilots to competitors.

Ryanair expects to have processed over 300,000 alternative routings or refunds for customers - over 95% of affected customers - by the end of this week.

Unlike other airlines, Ryanair is avowedly non-unionised, with an unusual arrangement whereby some pilots are indirectly contracted through limited companies.

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