Macron defends Iran nuclear deal at UN

Kurds one stateless people across four countries

Kurds one stateless people across four countries

Speaking to the press before a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at the United Nations, Trump called the Bastille Day event "one of the greatest parades " he had ever seen.

But it also underscores just how simple-minded Trump's view of foreign policy is.

"To large extent because of what I witnessed, we may do something like that on July Fourth in Washington down Pennsylvania Avenue", Trump said.

French and European diplomats said Macron had also had a frank exchange with Iran's president Hassan Rouhani on Monday, warning him that Tehran should stop destabilizing the region and stoking Trump's furor. He reiterated his critical views of the 2015 deal lifting sanctions against Iran in exchange for curbing its nuclear programme, calling it an "embarrassment". "I gave it everything I had, I tell you", Macron texted in response to the congratulations his friend had sent. That parade celebrated the end of the Gulf War - though it did have some critics. "This fight should unite us all", he said.

While this type of talk is consistent with Trump's effort to paint himself as a tough guy, it only reaffirms the reality that he admires the tactics of authoritarian figures like Kim Jong-un. "Every time we have forgotten this and tried to get a short-term satisfactory solution without a diplomatic roadmap we failed and that was the case in Iraq and Libya", Macron said. We have to work with Russian Federation. "And I think we're looking forward to doing (a parade)".

President Donald Trump was apparently so inspired by France's Bastille Day parade that he has proposed holding a similar event in the US next July 4.

US President Donald Trump said he wants to hold a military parade on the streets of Washington on the national holiday of the United States on July 4, according to the American Internet edition Talking Points Memo, quoted by Focus.

"The Paris accord is a basis". So much so, he wants to see if the USA can "top it" with a military parade of its own down Pennsylvania Avenue for the 4th of July. I will make it live.

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