Aston Martin just showed off designs for a limited edition submarine

Aston Martin collaborates on design of submarine

Got the DB11? Now own the submarine: Aston Martin's new Project Neptune

Now, Aston Martin, the luxury auto maker known to be James Bond's vehicle of choice, has partnered with Triton Submarines to create a submersible that's made for those who like nice things.

The carmaker partnered with Triton Submarines to develop Project Neptune, a submarine with a sleek design.

Aston Martin executive vice president and chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, and his team began with Triton's acclaimed Low Profile (LP) three-person platform as a foundation.

Aston Martin's latest project aims to go beneath the surface, literally. If you find yourself in either of the two categories, perhaps you might also be interested in an Aston Martin submarine.

The partnership is the first project under the British manufacturer's design offshoot department Aston Martin Consulting (AMC) that was formed past year.

Triton Submarines will be doing most of the heavy lifting with this project, and it isn't actually Aston Martin proper that Triton has teamed with. But that, of course is a crude version compared with Aston Martin's panache and uber-exclusive materials. "We have used forms and proportions that express the same devotion to design, engineering and beauty that shape our cars".

Submarine designs of the military haven't really moved on from that lumpy blimp style and they have only really come in one color, but Aston Martin may have just made everyone realize that it's important to look good while underwater.

"It is a clear and engaging demonstration of how Aston Martin's expertise in sports vehicle design and craftsmanship can be extended into new aspects of the luxury world".

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