WWE Smackdown: AJ Styles defends United States title against Kevin Owens

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Natalya: will she finally capture the Women's Championship?

This week's episodes of WWE SmackDown and 205 Live will emanate from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Aiden English starts singing his usual Drama King song when the lights go dark and piano starts playing. Perhaps WWE Creative recognized his popularity and figured, at least for one night, to let fans cheer him. It's a briefcase that has seen many a champ emerge, although Baron Corbin may have been the sole exception to the rule when his MITB dreams were crushed last week thanks to his meddling with the John Cena and Jinder Mahal main event.

Backstage - Daniel Bryan and Jinder Mahal: The Singh Brothers announced Mahal's presence, who cut a promo about his value to the brand.

Still, Tuesday represented an enormous moment in the already stellar career of the Canadian. Styles said that Corbin will have an opportunity if he answers the U.S. Open challenge because the challenge will be open every week.

This wasn't the first time that beach balls have been brought into a show and stolen the attention away from the performers in the ring, but it was definitely the most noticed due to the fact that the superstars started to pay attention to what was going on.

2-on-1 Tornado Handicap Match: Shinsuke Nakamura def. And after what seems like an eternity, Natalya has finally captured the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship from Naomi. Styles took exception to this and argued with Corbin; Owens eventually ran Styles into Corbin, who proceeded to give Owens a pair of fast counts.

It's a bit unusual for Gable to have a tag team partner 11 years his senior, certainly one who is in his second stint with the company after a long time away.

That led to dirtier play from Owens, as he took advantage of Corbin's lack of fair play, prompting Commissioner Shane McMahon to rush out in an attempt to restore the match to an impartial state.

Carmella tries to stay out of the match but once she's tagged in, Naomi hits her with the split-legged moonsault to pick up a win, gaining some of her momentum back.

Owens thought he had won the match, but Shane made the right call and allowed the match to continue. Owens got in McMahon's face and demanded his title because he feels that Styles is a joke of a champion. Styles said that when he wins tonight, then there will be an open challenge and Corbin will get his title shot then. McMahon shoved back and Styles rolled him up. McMahon shoved him back and that allowed Owens to roll up Styles and he almost got a pinfall. As they were arguing, Owens hit a low blow on Styles.

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