The US Military Can Now Shoot Down Consumer Drones

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The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has issued new guidelines for dealing with unauthorized drone flights over military installations.

"The increase of commercial and private drones in the United States has raised our concerns with regards to the safety and security of our installations, aviation safety and the safety of people", Davis said. The Pentagon has given the military the green light and new guidelines allowing the military to down drones flying near or over select U.S. military bases.

"Protecting our force remains a top priority, and that's why DoD issued the specific, but classified policy developed with the Federal Aviation Administration and our interagency partners that details how DoD personnel may counter the unmanned aircraft threat", Navy Captain Jeff Davis said.

The number of uncrewed aircraft in USA skies has zoomed in recent years and continues to increase rapidly - along with concern among US and private-sector officials that risky or even hostile drones could get too close to places like military bases, airports and sports stadiums.

"The 2017 enacted National Defense Authorization Act gave the Departments of Defense and Energy authority to mitigate drones in specific environments and to coordinate with the FAA to safeguard the national airspace system", the FAA said in a statement to CNN.

Prominent locations including the Pentagon and Washington are already "no drone zones". It also estimated commercial drones would expand from about 42,000 to some 442,000 in the same time. The armed forces also fear they could be used to spy on the US too.

The newly given green light to destroy drones follows an April Pentagon order, banning drones from flying over military bases.

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