Taylor Swift Just Announced New Album Set To Drop November 10

Taylor Swift new album

Taylor Swift to release new music on Friday

But Taylor Swift is finally telling fans when she'll drop her new album.

Swifties are shaken to their core, and fans have been taking to social media in reaction to the news with a number of emojis.

It will be the first single from her forthcoming album "Reputation", due November 10. The addition of an extra year to that marketing algorithm intensified anticipation, and expectation, around the new music, especially considering Swift's exponential growth in profile around the world since shucking her country roots on her last album. The title of the first single hasn't been revealed, but the song will arrive Thursday evening.

The teasers put fans on high alert, and the snake imagery evoked snake emojis used against her in various dis-fests previous year, including one with Kim Kardashian West after West claimed Swift knew about hubby Kanye's reference to Swift in his song "Famous".

The song will be the beginning of a new phase she's setting for her music.

It doesn't look like Taylor is letting her haters *cough* Katy/Kim/Kanye forget about what has transpired over the last couple of years. She's set to end any feuds. but on her terms!

We've reached out to Swift's publicist to find out if ATRL's discovery forced Swift to push up the announcement and will update if we hear back. Swift's sixth album will be called Reputation.

Swift then took what appeared to be a major break from the limelight, notably taking a longer stretch of time to release her next record.

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