Searches for 'eyes hurt,' 'eye damage' peak during eclipse in SC

Last-minute tips for protecting your eyes during the 2017 solar eclipse

5 ways to watch the solar eclipse without risking eye damage

While we normally focus on the retinal damage that can happen, in some cases, people can suffer from light sensitivity and pain due to corneal damage ...

So why did so many people peek at the eclipse, despite the warnings? You would have to be staring at an extremely bright image for minutes at a time before you started to get any clinically significant damage. "The reason is because of curiosity". "We didn't want any vision problems for the rest of their life this early", he says.

Many eye experts say that symptoms of eye damage from looking at a solar eclipse can sometimes take days to show up, and can include a loss of central vision (solar retinopathy), distorted vision and altered color vision, according to

In this May 20, 2012, file photo, the annular solar eclipse is seen as the sun sets behind the Rocky Mountains from downtown Denver.

Hersman's colleague, Dr. Aaron Mjelstad, also saw a patient on Tuesday who feared she'd injured her eyes by viewing the eclipse. This can cause eye pain and light sensitivity, with symptoms often occurring within 24 hours after exposure.

Dr. Steven Berger of Baystate Eye Group told Western Mass News that the office is getting ready for what's to come post solar eclipse. He now has a blind spot about the size of a pea in one of his eyes.

"Patients that have symptoms just in one eye won't notice it because their other eye vision is normal and with both eyes open that better eye is compensating for the weaker eye", Weed said. This can be risky, as looking directly at the sun can cause eye damage. In fact, even glancing at it for a few seconds during a partial phase could cause eye damage. Around it, there might be some clear spots. "But an eclipse is a little more damaging".

According to, "eclipse blindness, or retinal burns, [is] also known as solar retinopathy".

Howard County may have voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in last November's election, but local residents apparently avoided the same risky meme-making urge embraced by their president during Tuesday's historic solar eclipse. Damage can either be temporary or permanent, and there's no pain associated with it. "Looking at any light source has the potential to cause similar damage". It's akin to a sunburn on your cornea, which is the front part of your eye.

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