SC parents name newborn daughter in honor of total solar eclipse

Courtesy MGN Online

Courtesy MGN Online

Nightly News reports that a woman gave birth to a baby girl at Greenville Memorial Hospital in SC just ahead of the total solar eclipse that swept over the state.

A SC mother has named her baby girl Eclipse after giving birth just hours before the once-in-a-lifetime solar event.

Eclipse weighed six pounds and three ounces when she was delivered and will officially go by the name Eclipse Alizabeth Eubanks, but her parents have some ideas for nicknames already.

"It kind of still feels like it's not real", Eclipse's mother, Freedom Eubanks, told CNN affiliate WHNS.

On their way to the hospital, Freedom and husband Michael decided that if their daughter was born on the day of the eclipse, then that would be her name.

All babies born at the Greenville hospital on the day of the eclipse were given special onesies to commemorate the event.

'Mom and dad made a last-minute decision to name her Eclipse this morning'.

She added: 'We're probably going to call her Clipsey'.

"Welcome to the world, Eclipse".

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