'Rocket League' (ALL) To Get Switch Exclusive Battle-Cars - Trailer

Rocket League Switch Has Nintendo Cars!

Rocket League to get Nintendo-themed cars on Switch

Psyonix will be making investing in the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League that much more enticing and compelling for players on the fence, by offering special Mario and Luigi themed cars, named the Mario NSR and Luigi NSR.

For the curious, team color decides which version of the new Battle-Cars appear on the pitch. Depending on which team colour players choose will determine which of these two cars is used with Mario for the orange team and Luigi for the blue team. That also applies for the Samus Gunship where you get the basic colors for the orange team and a variation of blue Suit for the blue team.

On Wednesday, Rocket League - the popular soccer with cars video game that's become one of the most popular multiplayer games - announced it was bringing Super Mario and Metroid cars to the game. As well as these new vehicles the switch version will have exclusive customisation items. The Samus vehicle will also have different colors depending on which team you are on, styled after different Varia suits.

Rocket League comes to Nintendo Switch this holiday.

Nintendo Switch Battle-Cars will be available exclusively for Switch owners without additional cost and you can unlock them for bonus style points. Finally, Samus' Gunship will get a Wave Beam rocket boost.

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