New Quinnipiac Poll: Trump is dividing the country

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A new poll from Quinnipiac University found 62% of voters say he is dividing the country, while 31% say he is doing more to unite it.

Fifty-nine percent of voters said they believe Trump is encouraging white supremacist groups, and 64% believe such groups pose a threat to the country, according to the poll.

This is Mr Trump's his worst score on this question. Only three percent of American voters said they feel the president's words and actions have had a negative effect on white supremacists; 35 percent said they felt the president's statements have had no impact on white supremacists or similarly polarized political action groups.

Half of voters oppose removing Confederate statues from public spaces, while 39% support it, Quinnipiac reports, with support much higher (67%) among black voters.

He also gets a negative 59% rating on his overall job approval - down from a 57% approval rating on August 17th.

While 69% of those polled want Mr Trump to stop tweeting from his personal account.

President Donald Trump promised to bring a fresh, outsider approach to the Oval Office, but about 7 in 10 voters nonetheless say the commander in chief's behavior "is not what I expect from a president", according to a poll released Thursday.

Yes, it's true President Donald Trump has now explicitly condemned white supremacy groups - but virtually no one in the United States thinks his comments and behavior have actually discouraged any white supremacist groups. And 3% of American voters said they "haven't heard enough" about Trump to say if they have a favorable or unfavorable view him.

The Quinnipiac University Poll issued Wednesday was based on surveys of voters nationwide between August 17 and August 22.

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