'Miracle' woman survives in wilderness for 28 days, loses 50lb

Girl Who Went Missing For A Month In Alabama Wilderness Found Alive

Woman Found Alive 1 Month After Going Missing In Alabama Wilderness

On Saturday afternoon, a passerby on Highway 82 in Bullock County, near Midway and Eufaula, spotted Theris after she somehow found her way to the side of a road.

Theris said she remained very hungry but tried to keep moving and find her way out of the woods, but found she was often hiking in circles.

"When I asked about what she ate, she broke down and started crying, but she said the main thing that kept her alive was her family", Williams added.

American police have praised a young woman's "will to live" after she fled a robbery, surviving alone in a dense forest on a diet of wild berries, mushrooms and river water for a month.

Theris was treated at the local emergency room and reunited with her family, who rushed to Bullock County after receiving the news that she was found. She said she was drinking water out of a brook and eating berries and...

Theris was last seen in Midway before she went missing.

The two men believed to have been with Theris when she went missing are behind bars on theft and burglary charges.

Without her phone or purse she had no way of contacting anyone, and so her disappearance had become a cause for concern.

He said: "She called us and told us she had located the missing person. We are lucky that she is alive, she is so strong and has made it through so much", she said.

Sheriff's Sergeant Chad Faulkner said "there was a whole lot more to [the] story" of Lisa's disappearance, but declined at this stage to release further information.

'We wanted to make sure her health was in the best shape and in the days to come, we'll get some answers.

She had been lost for a considerable length of time and confronted intense conditions in the forested areas. The location where Garner found Theris was another 30-plus miles southeast of the location she fled from the auto, and it's unclear how she traveled that far. "She's alive and that's all that matters at this moment".

"She ran into the wooded area at night", Rodgers told the NBC affiliate based in Montgomery, Alabama.

Lisa has returned home from the hospital, where she is recovering, according to her sister and brother.

"I've been doing this now going on 15 years and I've never seen anything like it". "And maybe she could give us some insight and fill in the blank spaces". "There is not an inch of her that has not been affected". Williams said none of Theris' injuries were severe, according to BuzzFeed News.

"She is severely weakened, she is in pain, she is emaciated", said her sister, Elizabeth.

Randall Oswald and Manley Davis, the two men, are charged with the crime.

Theris' brother Will wrote on Facebook after she was found: "28 days stranded out in the wilderness and Lisa is still standing, strongest person i know".

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