Microsoft Corporation Opens Preorders For Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

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If you own a previous Xbox One console then you can use an external HDD to backup your games and when you plug it into the Xbox One X, your library will be there. Sony has remained reluctant to allow PS4 owners to play with owners of other systems, remaining absent from the deal struck between Microsoft and Nintendo when they introduced cross-platform play for Rocket League.

The Project Scorpio Edition is a good way to push forward the sales of Microsoft's updated console, the Xbox One X, but there is some concern over whether or not it will actually make a difference in sales. The packaging and the pattern on the exterior were both inspired by the first Xbox.

The Xbox One X was officially announced at E3 in Los Angeles in June and is retailing for $499.

"We are also thrilled to be bringing the Xbox One S Minecraft edition to the United Kingdom exclusively through Argos and Sainsburys which will be a top limited edition purchase for families and Minecraft fans".

Tom Philipps: It sounds a lot like Sony's telling them that they can't say they have Xbox One X enhanced editions. The device comes with more powerful hardware than the original Xbox One, including a 172 MHz graphics processing engine capable of processing six teraflops. Current titles can be optimized, as existing game makers can offer more assets, higher resolution and better frame rates on the console. They only need to trade it in when Xbox One X starts shipping (November 7th).

That's because right now it's the best selling console available and one of the reasons people continue to buy into it is because it's the de facto choice if a person wants to play games with their friends. On the other hand, consoles having HDR support are those with the regular HDR10 standard, which is also used in the Xbox One S, but there will be no Dolby Vision support in them.

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