Google Assistant And Google Home Can Now Shop At Walmart

Google and Walmart Partner With Eye on Amazon

You'll soon be able to buy Walmart products on your Google Home

Walmart is all set to renew its rivalry with Amazon, this time with Google on its side. Google Assistant users will be able to order Walmart's products starting next month. The delivery service is available in Phoenix; Tampa, Fla.; Dallas; and Orlando, Fla.

Google and Walmart are ready to offer voice shopping features via the Google Assistant. Next year, Walmart will also leverage its retail store network to offer experiences "that don't now exist within voice shopping anywhere else", which will also include the ability to purchase fresh produce across the country.

Shoppers who want to reorder their favorites have to link their Walmart account to Google Express.

Google has announced that it's partnering with retailer Walmart for its Google Home smart speaker.

There's one place where Google - and by extension Walmart - have it all over Amazon as noted above: Device penetration.

When it comes to voice shopping, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers. "This will enable us to deliver highly personalized shopping recommendations".

And Google continues to build in new features to its Google Home platform in efforts to compete with the Amazon Echo, which now dominates the market.

The functionality will be available in late September.

"I don't see Walmart as a rival to Amazon because Amazon is also a platform provider, whilst Alexa represents a much bigger ambition than just another way of doing online shopping".

It has overhauled its shipping strategy and is expanding store-curb pickup for groceries ordered online. It's also about Google defending its search turf against Amazon.

And Germany's Aldi, which operates almost 1,700 stores in America, said last week it's partnering with San Francisco's Instacart to deliver groceries in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas. To date, Amazon leads this field as Alexa powered Echo speakers are tightly integrated into the eCommerce marketplace. For that, they are teaming up with more and more such giant to expand their Businesses. Now, users will be able to get deliveries for free as long as their orders are above the store's minimum order requirement.

Amazon's share of online sales dwarfs every other retailer, including Walmart.

Walmart is able offer the discounts by delivering the products directly to its 4,700 stores, saving on costs by avoiding shipping to individual shoppers' homes. "We're thrilled to partner with one of the most popular stores in America". Google launched voice shopping from Home with companies like Costco and Walgreens earlier this year to meet Alexa's shopping capabilities.

Many of these initiatives seem to be aimed at leveraging Wal-Mart's physical stores to give the company's online shopping an edge over Amazon, and Lore said in his statement that Wal-Mart plans to use its 4,700 US retail stores and fulfillment infrastructure to "create customer experiences that don't now exist within voice shopping anywhere else".

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