Google Allo for Web - How to set it up and use?

Google Allo

Allo for web looks to be about to launch with new link in app sidebar

As of now, the web version is restricted to Chrome and it can be accessed only by Android users.

In a nut shell: You can now use the full Google Allo service from your computer. However, it is important to note that the service is only available for Android users, while the iOS availability will be rolled out soon, the website indicates. So now that Allo is available for the browser, will you give it a try? By bringing the app to the web, Google is making the app more accessible for those who have adopted it as one of their primary forms of communication, which could increase its longevity. All of your conversations will now pop up on the screen, be showing a status that you're signed into it.

For using Google's Allo, users will have to meet certain requirements: first of all, they will have to be Android users. Allo, similar to web version Whatsapp requires users to open the web link for Allo and scan the QR code displayed on the web page using the Allo app on the smartphone. It will only work though if you have version 15 and above (16 is recommended) installed on your phone. From there, go into your phone app's menu and select "Allo for web". We are still not sure how many people have used Google Allo, since Google does not release that information. But Allo comes with a whole list of stickers, smart replies as well as Google Assistant integration which differentiates it from Hangouts.

"The QR code is unique to your computer and pairs the mobile app to the computer". You can even access the sticker gallery to download more sticker packs. Google Allo already had 10 million installations on Google Play a year ago, with the other popular program Duo getting over 100 million installations. However, it looks like, the feature is now available only for Android phones, while the website indicates that support for iPhone will soon be available.

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