German nurse may have murdered at least 90 patients

A nurse walks at the intensive care unit at the gynaelogical hospital of the clinical center Bremen-Mitte

German Nurse Suspected of Murdering Over 80 Patients- Reports AFP 2017 INGO WAGNER DPA

In past hearings, Niels H. conceded intentionally infusing patients at two facilities in northern Germany with savage medications and after that endeavoring to restore them so as to play the legend, German telecaster NDR said. The former nurse admitted that he enjoyed giving patients cardiac arrest, since he got a thrill from being able to resuscitate them, abcnews reported Monday.

The crimes came to light after Hoegel was convicted of attempted murder in another case.

Previous year the bodies of 130 former patients were exhumed following a court order, with police detecting evidence of Hoegel's involvement in additional murders. Prosecutors have long believed he killed more. Numerous 40-year-old's suspected victims were cremated making the new investigation that much harder.

Niels Hoegel is already serving a life sentence following his 2015 trial in Oldenburg, Germany.

"The murders could have been prevented, with investigators believing that those responsible at the time could have acted faster", Kuehme further said. "And as if all that were not enough, we must realize that the real dimension of the killings by Niels likely many times worse".

It found that Hoegel had administered lethal injections to patients at a hospital in Oldenburg, where he worked from 1999 to 2001. All to impress co-workers with his resuscitation skills.

The special commission, launched in October 2014, combed through evidence that included more than 500 patient files.

He said he felt euphoric when he managed to bring a patient back to life, and devastated when he failed, AFP said. Prosecutors are expected to try Hoegel, but German law does not allow for consecutive sentences, according to the Associated Press.

The identities of the suspected 84 victims have not been released and no immediate comments were issued on Monday from any representatives of victims' families.

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