Falwell Jr: Trump had 'inside information' on crowd

Jerry Falwell Jr: Trump 'Does Not Have a Racist Bone in His Body'

Jerry Falwell Jr. Defends Trump's 'Both Sides' Remarks: 'He Has Inside Information'

"I think all of the alumni have been troubled by Jerry Falwell Jr.'s intense defense of Trump", Hamann said.

Radditz asked him why, if these historical purists were decent people, did they stay when it became apparent they were at a rally with neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.

With other Republicans refusing to publicly defend Trump, the White House is relying on Falwell as a top surrogate for the president.

Falwell admitted that Trump could be more "polished" in his public comments, but the reason Falwell is such a fan of the president's is because he does not care about political correctness.

He said "many sides" were to blame and that there were "very fine people" on both sides.

Radditz also asked Falwell how he could be so critical of Barack Obama for refusing to use the expression "radical Islamic terrorism" but not criticize Trump for failing to call the white supremacists - including one who allegedly drove a auto through a crowd of anti-racist counter-protestors, killing one person and injuring nineteen - "domestic terrorists".

Some Liberty University graduates plan to send back their diplomas to the evangelical school in Lynchburg, Virginia, to protest the college president's unwavering support of President Donald Trump, which they say has left them "with shame and anger".

'The fact that he said there were some good people marching with the bad people, that may have been true.

Host Martha Radditz repeatedly pressed Falwell on whether he believed there were "fine people" at the white supremacist rally. "He had information I didn't have". 'I know him well'. "It felt like Jerry Falwell Jr. was making the university somewhat complicit in that".

Further, said Falwell, Trump called out the "Nazis, the white supremacists, the KKK members by name".

"He said that is something for the officials to determine". 'He said you can call it terrorism, you can call it evil, you can call it murder.

Falwell did later label white supremacists, Nazis, and other hate groups as "pure evil and un-American".

Falwell on Monday also called for Americans to be united to fight any terrorism, "whether it comes from Timothy Mcveigh in Oklahoma City or from this group [of] insane people in Charlottesville, or the ones who were flying the planes into the World Trade Center, or ISIS attacking people in Barcelona".

"All of us could", Falwell Jr. said. But he never said it was not terrorism'. 'But at least he's not politically correct, he's not so concerned about rehearsing and focus grouping every statement he makes'.

But Falwell insisted on Sunday that 'the president has made it very clear that there is no moral equivalency between what the counter-protesters did, even though maybe some of them resorted to violence in response. and somebody driving his vehicle into a crowd because he hates people of other races'.

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