2 charged in death of missing North Dakota woman

Missing Fargo woman's body found in nearby river

2 may face kidnapping charges after newborn baby found

Last Thursday, police found a newborn baby in an apartment in the same building as Greywind's and arrested two suspects - Crews and Hoehn - for kidnapping.

He said he took garbage bags containing bloody shoes and his bloody towels and disposed of them away from the apartment complex, according to court documents filed on Monday.

"I knew something was wrong", Greywind says. Her body was found in the Red River north of Fargo Sunday night.

Todd said LaFontaine-Greywind's family had been notified. In that case, Hoehn was charged with pushing Crews into a bathtub during an argument in the same apartment where Greywind was last seen.

In a statement, Fargo police chief David Todd said Greywind was a "victim of a cruel and vicious act of depravity", and officials will continue to look for answers.

The search and prayer efforts for the Greywind family galvanized the regional and national Native American community, and many Natives have been active in daily attempts to locate Savanna Greywind.

Chief Todd says suspicious items were found at the farmstead leading them to believe it may be a crime scene. Further details about LaFontaine-Greywind's death, or the manner in which her baby was born, were not released.

At a news conference Friday, Todd said authorities were investigating a number of possible scenarios in Greywind's disappearance, including whether her child was removed from her womb or if labor had been induced. Crews admitted she had numerous chances to give the baby to Greywind's family or authorities after Greywind became a missing person, but did not.

Hoehn told investigators that when he arrived home from work on Saturday afternoon, he found Crews cleaning up blood in their bathroom.

Crews first told police she invited Greywind over to the apartment and taught her how to self-induce birth by breaking her water.

William Hoehn and Brooke Crews were hit with charges in Savanna Greywind's death.

On Monday, both Hoehn and Crews were still in jail.

The family was making the long drive back from there when they stopped to meet other family members at IHOP restaurant in Fargo the morning of September 2, 2016.

The baby is being taken for DNA testing to prove whether it is Savanna's child. But LaFontaine-Greywind remained missing.

A newborn baby believed to be hers had been found three days earlier in the apartment of her neighbors.

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