Tesla wins deal for mammoth Australian battery system

Tesla wins deal for mammoth Australian battery system

Tesla wins deal for mammoth Australian battery system

That was the drive of a tightly staged media conference today hosted by the South Australian government, where Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed his commitment to delivering the world's biggest battery to store energy at Neoen's Hornsdale Wind Farm.

Tesla (TSLA) has committed to build the world's biggest lithium ion battery in the Australian state of South Australia.

Musk said he insisted the 100-day deadline be written into the project's contract since that's what he said publically.

South Australian company CPP will be involved in the build, and Musk joined with South Australia's Premier Jay Weatherill saying that the project would create jobs for the southern state.

In September 2016 South Australia suffered from an nearly entire state wide blackout due to severe storms damaging power transmission lines across the state.

"It will completely transform the way in which renewable energy is stored, and also stabilize the South Australian network as well as putting downward pressure on prices", Weatherill said. Tesla's grid-scale battery will work with a wind farm provided by France's Neoen and will help set a benchmark for large-scale renewable energy use.

"This is really a pilot of how we should integrate renewables with storage to make long-term sustainable...and competitive energy for South Australia, but also for most of the places in the world", Desrousseaux said.

In September a year ago, a massive storm ravaged South Australia, disrupting the state's electricity grid and leaving some 1.7 million people without power. They stated that battery storage is vital for the future of Australia's national energy market.

"The system will be three times more powerful than any system on earth", Musk told reporters in the state capital, Adelaide.

In fact, it'll be the largest lithium-ion battery storage facility in the world, boasting a capacity of 100 MW and an output of up to 129 MWh.

It isn't only in Australia where Tesla is working with utilities on energy storage.

The two had spoken after Musk tweeted that he could help solve SA's power woes in 100 days, or it would be free.

After blackouts left 1.7 million residents without electricity, Elon Musk famously guaranteed that Tesla could supply 100 megawatts of battery storage in 100 days.

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