Special Session Day 2 Ends With No Action

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Special Session Day 2 Ends With No Action

"We are a united group, we are united with the governor", said House Minority Leader Jim Durkin.

The news came as a surprise to Democrats, who have been asking for meetings with the Governor on this issue for weeks.

Legislators are now in special session to work on the measure.

As our state struggled these past three years under Gov. Bruce Rauner's budget crisis, it became apparent that the governor had no interest in finding common ground to work with legislators on ending the crisis he created.

"The lines are pretty clearly drawn, and the issue is, do you take money out of the classroom to put into Chicago pensions? I think even folks in Chicago would say that's not a good use of dollars meant for classroom instruction." he said.

Rauner says he wants the bill on his desk immediately.

"The governor will fix the problems of senate bill one and schools will be able to receive their funding and open on time", said Republican State Sen.

Democrats are likely lobbying Republicans to desert Rauner and vote to over-ride his expected veto.

"In the spirit of ongoing cooperation, Representatives Will Davis and Barbara Flynn Currie will continue to work with legislative Republicans, as they have been doing for some time now".

Senate President John Cullerton has not yet delivered SB1 to the governor.

Barickman continued: "I am encouraging the Senate to send the bill to the governor ahead of the July 31 deadline so that the Senate President and governor can meet, and if there are any discussions to be had they can happen in a timely fashion".

Rauner has the opportunity to set aside his radical agenda and sign real education reform into law.

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