Saudi king pressured United States to seek reopening of Al Aqsa Mosque

Saudi king pressured United States to seek reopening of Al Aqsa Mosque

Saudi king pressured United States to seek reopening of Al Aqsa Mosque

Following the incident, the Israeli police closed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, briefly detained Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the grand mufti of Jerusalem al-Quds, and canceled Muslim Friday prayers at the site.

One of the wounded included Palestinian leader Mustafa Barghouti, who was reportedly shot in the head by a rubber bullet and brought to al-Makassed Hospital in east Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, although the government is steadfast in respecting the status quo, many Israelis resent the prohibition of non-Muslim prayer on the Temple Mount as an infringement on freedom for all religions.

On Friday, a deadly attack occurred on the outskirts of the holy site, where three Palestinian gunmen shot dead two Israeli policemen who were in turn, killed by security forces. In Islam, the same structure is referred to as the Noble Sanctuary, with Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock as the third holiest site for Muslims.

The centers stressed that the measures violate the right to free movement and work and are also considered as racist as Israel allows the Jews to enter the compound but bans Palestinian residents of Jerusalem al-Quds from entering or opening their shops.

The act provoked several Muslims, who made a decision to protest outside the mosque's compound rather than enter. It is adjacent to the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews are permitted to pray.

Jerusalem police commissioner Yoram Halevi said on the Israel Radio that Jerusalem is now quiet, and defended security checks. He said that security measures of this kind are commonplace in the world. Police reopened the site on Sunday, but placed metal detectors in front of its gates, which it says are meant for security.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas conveyed a similar message to Netanyahu when the two spoke by phone on Friday in the wake of the attack.

Following the deadly attack, Israeli authorities imposed a two-day closure of the mosque and claimed that it was necessary to carry out security checks.

Tensions have continued to simmer in the city after a wave of stabbing, shooting and vehicle-ramming attacks by Palestinians in Jerusalem, other Israeli cities and the West Bank in October 2015.

Eman Qasim shared a cartoon, showing an Israeli guard standing over a slain Palestinian child who was throwing stones, but citing the numerous crimes Israel has committed against the Palestinian people.

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