McCain Holds Regional Security Talks with Pakistan's Army Chief

US Senator John Mc Cain

US Senator John Mc Cain

Dr. Nazir Bhatti said that security in any region can not prevail without revival of human rights and religious freedom while Pakistan government have failed to uphold human rights and religious freedom in its territory targeting Christian, Hindus and Ahmadiyya communities with blasphemy laws and other discriminatory laws.

He was talking to a five member US Senate delegation led by Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, in Islamabad on Monday.

The Reuters news agency quoted two US officials last month as saying the administration was considering hardening its attitude toward Islamabad because of the ease with which Pakistan-based militants have been able to launch attacks across the border in Afghanistan.

McCain also said the countries' alliance is more crucial than ever before.

Pakistan argues that it has done a great deal to help the U.S. in tracking down terrorists and points out that it has suffered hundreds of deaths in militants attacks in response to its crackdowns.

Senator John McCain, who is leading a US Congressional delegation to Islamabad, reiterated Washington's stand that dialogue is a prerequisite for India and Pakistan to solve the Kashmir issue. "Adviser noted that QCG process remains a credible and effective vehicle to facilitate reconciliation and restore peace, stability and economic prosperity in Afghanistan", the statement reads.

"Pakistan look forward to constructive engagement with the United States on all efforts and initiatives that would lead to a stable and prosperous Afghanistan", he said.

Pakistan was also upset at the recent USA arms deal with India signed during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Washington.

The relationship between the United States and Pakistan has been strained at times with some in Washington believing Islamabad has not done enough to bring its influence to bear to persuade the Afghan Taliban to renounce violence.

Bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan have faced ups and downs in recent years over what the Afghan government calls the dual role by Islamabad in tackling insurgent groups on its soil and not taking serious steps to help restore peace in Afghanistan.

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