Live Crew co-founder Christopher Wong Won dead at 53

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Live Crew co-founder Christopher Wong Won dead at 53

Many have taken to social media to pay tribute to Ice, with rapper Rick Ross writing, "Just got call we lost 2 Live crew legend Fresh Kid Ice this morning!"

Wong Won was 53 years old.

Ice, widely recognized as the first prominent Asian rapper, was famously arrested in Florida for performing tracks from 2 Live Crew's hit third album, As Nasty as They Wanna Be, in 1990 at a club.

In 1988, shortly before the release of 2 Live Crew's sophomore album Move Somethin' in 1988, Fresh Kid was involved in a near fatal vehicle accident. A judge ruled he violated federal obscenity laws.

Although 2 Live Crew is identified as part of the Miami hip-hop scene, the group's genesis took place in California.

The rapper, who served four years in the Air Force before entering the music world, went on to form his own record label, Chinaman Records. The group released their eighth and last studio album in 1998. The artist released his memoir, My Rise 2 Fame: The Tell All Autobiography of a Hip Hop Legend in 2015.

One of the pioneers of rap music in Miami has passed away. Fittingly, he added, "We lost a legend".

He was involved in a vehicle crash in 1988 and suffered a stroke on Thanksgiving in 2008.

Fresh Kid and the group's biggest contribution to American rap and pop culture is that they became poster children for First Amendment rights after the constantly tested and stretched the boundaries of self-expression, political correctness and decency. The incidents impaired his ability to move and speak.

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