Letters: Don't jam through health care bill

The Caning of Charles Sumner

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We also reported that the bill, also known as Trumpcare, would eliminate Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions that impact home health care providers.

And some Republicans are actually blaming Obamacare for the fact that some remain uncovered by the Medicaid expansion in states where GOP governors or legislatures didn't opt into it.

In May, Trump celebrated with Republican lawmakers in the Rose garden of the White House, after his health care reform bill was narrowly passed by the House of Representatives. If their children lose health care coverage, they will have to choose whether to bring their child to the doctor or to stay on top of their rent.

In its report last week on the Senate bill, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said that under Obama's law, it expected health care markets "to be stable in most areas".

Health care is an issue that is very sensitive to Americans' daily lives. While the bill gives states more flexibility to administer Medicaid, shrinking federal funding means they only get to decide what or who to cut. "They know the American people hated the House Republicans' move to pass a similar bill, so the only way to get it done is by ramming through a secret bill and upending the basic rules of our democracy".

"What I've been hearing the entire recess is people telling me to be strong, that they have a lot of concerns about the health care bill in the Senate, they want me to keep working on it, but they don't want me to support it in its current form", said Sen.

Yet there's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that simply repealing the Affordable Care Act would be any more popular with voters.

"Senator Toomey needs to speak with Carl, from Cumberland County, who before the ACA, lost his insurance because a pre-existing condition spiked his premium from $400 to $3,400 a month in two years, forcing him to drop coverage and face potential financial ruin". Rather than accumulating large numbers of people with diverse health conditions into a group, high risk pools accumulate sick people only and require participants to pay huge premiums, deductibles and co-payments to offset the insurer's costs. But you don't see many congressional Republicans who support the bill admitting to its most basic features, or defending them with an argument as to why its projected outcome would be worth the bill's trade-offs.

The bill, which would provide 20 million New Yorkers with health insurance, is opposed by the powerful insurance industry for an obvious reason - it wouldn't make almost as much money. Majority have coverage through MaineCare, and it is what keeps their families from severe economic distress. Earlier, Hoeven held a roundtable on health care at Sanford Medical Center in Fargo that included leaders with different perspectives on the health care debate.

Overall, 44% said that the U.S. healthcare system would be worse off under the GOP legislation, while 28% said it would improve.

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