House Looking at Moving Its Own Sanctions Bill, Adding North Korea

I've been A Democrat for a week and I wonder what took me so long

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A Russian sanctions bill has stalled in Congress amid partisan finger-pointing, leaving lawmakers anxious the inaction could limit their legislative check on the Trump administration.

With the bill stalled, House Democrats looked to push past the procedural problem Wednesday by introducing an identical version of the Senate's bill.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Friday that the House is looking to add North Korea provisions to a Russian Federation and Iran sanctions bill that is stuck in a procedural morass. The procedure for its adoption in Congress was suspended due to the constitutional requirement that all legislative initiatives concerning budget expenditures should be endorsed first in the lower, and then in the upper house.

Meanwhile, Congressman Joaquin Castro introduced a Resolution of Inquiry directing the Secretary of State to provide Congress with any documents or communications records related to efforts to modify or revoke sanctions against Russian Federation.

While the Democrats were trying to stop the Trump administration, the president was advancing policies to stop illegal immigration, protect American citizens from Muslim terrorist attacks, get the economy moving, revise the tax code, and repeal Obamacare.

"We are the most powerful country in the world and we are getting more and more powerful because I'm a big military person", Trump said in an exclusive interview with CBN.

Many lawmakers viewed the president's desire for warmer relations with Moscow warily long before Trump's son released emails that showed him searching disparaging information on Clinton thought to possibly be available through sources connected to the Russian government. Just 12 percent of Americans-20 percent of Democrats, 12 percent of Independents, and 2 percent of Republicans-rate Trump's relationship with Russian Federation among the top two issues they are concerned about. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) brought onto the House floor an enormous print-out of the publication's most recent front page, on which the words "Red Handed" are superimposed over a picture of President Donald Trump's eldest son. A spokesman for the Senate Judiciary Committee said the letter hasn't been sent. "They're over it", Taylor said on CNN's "The Lead".

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said this week he meant to pass the bill.

The fight over the House language is the latest twist for a bill that passed the Senate almost a month ago.

"Dilly-dallying around about the blue slip issue was just a ridiculous waste of time".

House Democrats, who also voted overwhelmingly for the North Korea sanctions package this spring, could decide to attach the measure to the Russia-Iran bill.

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House Republican leaders want to attach a bill increasing sanctions on North Korea to legislation to restrain the president and stiffen punitive measures against Russian Federation and Iran, a last-minute wrinkle that could further delay the bill's progress through Congress.

But Ryan suggested that the House might address these concerns with changes to the measure.

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