European Union to open infringement procedure against Poland over rule of law

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European Union to open infringement procedure against Poland over rule of law

"You are destroying Poles' right to an independent court, you are destroying the foundations of freedom, of parliamentary democracy", he told Law and Justice MPs.

The revamped Supreme Court would have final appeal powers over all civil and criminal cases. Another amends the rules of the common law courts, whose chairs shall be appointed by the minister of Justice.

Frans Timmermans has been quoted several texts at issue, which the bill, in the course of the review, granting the minister of Justice has a strong influence on the supreme Court.

The european Commission has called on Wednesday, the Polish government "put in abeyance" its new reforms of the controversial judicial system, waving the threat of sanctions without precedent if Warsaw does not put an end to the "risks clear" weighing in on the rule of law.

In 2016, Warsaw launched a new inquiry and the investigators claims the president's plane began to break up in the air, and one of the most likely explanations for the crash was thermobaric explosives going off inside the aircraft, an idea both Russian and Polish investigators from the earlier investigations have described as ludicrous.

"Each law, if adopted, would seriously erode the independence of judiciary".

The Supreme Court bill still needs approval from the Senate and from Duda, who hails from the ruling party. "Collectively, they would abolish any remaining judicial independence and put the judiciary under full political control of the government".

"The atmosphere around Poland. these legal acts that are being worked on now will absolutely have a very negative impact on future budget talks", said Elzbieta Bienkowska, Poland's European Union commissioner who is allied with Tusk and critical of PiS.

The Law and Justice party proposed to change the provision and give the president, not the justice minister, the power to appoint the key court's judges.

"Yesterday I contacted President Andrzej Duda to suggest an urgent meeting to discuss the political crisis in our country and its unsafe consequences for Poland's standing on the world stage". Last October, the parliament attempted to make the country's restrictive abortion laws even more rigid, removing exceptions for rape or the life of the mother.

They have started kicking and hitting the metal barriers that separate them from the parliament grounds. It calls for the dismissal of the court's current judges, except for those chosen by the president.

Tensions could be felt in Poland's parliament Wednesday night, where a debate over the bill culminated with a futile fight for the chairman's microphone and opposition deputies singing the national anthem as deputies from the ruling party rejected 1,300 proposed amendments in one vote.

The vote in Poland's parliament, which is dominated by the ruling Law and Justice party, was preceded by a heated debate and street protests.

Wenzel Michalskiā€, the German Director of Human Rights Watch, said the bill would kill judicial independence in Poland.

Public protests are planned for Thursday evening.

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