Defying Trump, Jerry Brown to showcase American climate change efforts

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Defying Trump, Jerry Brown to showcase American climate change efforts

Governor of California Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday the launch of the America's Pledge, which will allow U.S. states, cities and businesses to stay aligned with the Paris Agreement. It has been created to inform Americans on state actions to address climate change, providing updates on the progress made to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

Signees must commit to a number of efforts to combat climate change, including calling for emission reductions at the federal level, developing or updating a local climate action plan and regularly reporting a municipal inventory of greenhouse gases.

Nutall said that while the United Nations welcomes the initiative from US cities, states, and businesses, the challenge will be quantifying the effect of climate action from diverse and potentially overlapping actors, a process that will likely stretch well beyond this year's climate conference. In addition to the cities, states, and businesses that have committed to action through the We Are Still In coalition, the effort includes the Climate Mayors coalition of cities and the U.S. Climate Alliance group of states.

A coalition of American states, cities and businesses that have pledged to stick with the Paris climate pact will team up with experts to quantify their climate commitments and share their plans with the United Nations, vowing to act despite the Trump administration's exit from the accord.

He added: "The American government may have pulled out of the Paris agreement but American society remains committed to it - and we will redouble our efforts to achieve its goals".

Outside experts with the World Resources Institute and the Rocky Mountain Institute, two US -based non-profits, have been retained to conduct the study on current and projected emissions of "America's Pledge" affiliates.

While proponents of the Paris Accord have been up in arms since Trump announced he would pull the USA out of the climate accords, the reality is that the US exit is one of more style than substance. The goal of America's Pledge is to "raise the bar" and "expand the map" as more governments and companies make commitment to reduce their carbon emissions. In November, Brown and Bloomberg, along with other USA governors, mayors, and business leaders, will compile and showcase existing climate commitments of US subnational and non-state actors at COP23, to be hosted by the Government of Fiji in Bonn, Germany. "The effort to aggregate and quantify the actions of subnational authorities and non-Party stakeholders in the United States via "America's Pledge" is welcome". "If the federal government insists on abdicating leadership on this issue, it will be up to the American people to step forward - and in Virginia we are doing just that". By reaching that target, the United States will meet our nation's commitment for reducing climate pollution that we set at climate talks in Paris in 2015. In 2016, Bloomberg Philanthropies distributed over half a billion dollars.

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