Coroner releases preliminary autopsy for teen killed at Ohio State Fair

Coroner releases preliminary autopsy for teen killed at Ohio State Fair

Coroner releases preliminary autopsy for teen killed at Ohio State Fair

Safety for visitors continues to be at the forefront of preparations by Missouri State Fair organizers, especially in light of this week's fatal carnival ride accident at Ohio's state fair.

Martinez also said he couldn't recall any accidents with his company aside from an intoxicated person being injured but at fault.

The ride's Dutch manufacturer has told operators of the attraction at fairs and festivals worldwide to stop using it until more is learned about what caused the malfunction.

The 18-year-old man's girlfriend was among seven other people who were injured when the Fire Ball flung riders - some still strapped in their seats - through the air Wednesday night. Some rides began operating again Friday.

"Yeah I hear about accidents here and there and things happening and it makes me a little nervous", said Jennifer Staton of Topeka after her daughter got off of the Freak Out.

Investigators worked to find out what caused the opening day wreck, which killed a high school student who had just enlisted in the Marines.

"It's a nightmare. It's a awful situation", the Republican governor said. It says the investigators will work with police and other agencies.

"After seeing that I don't like none of these rides", said Casey Hollar of Goshen.

Witnesses reported that the ride that malfunctioned was the Fire Ball, which spins and swings passengers in a pendulum-like motion.

Ohio Department of Agriculture records provided Thursday to the AP show passing marks on inspections of about three dozen items including cracks, brakes, proper assembly, and installation.

In an official statement, the Wisconsin State Fair said the Freak Out ride, similar to the Fire Ball, will not be a part of their SpinCity Amusement Ride and Game area.

Bates Brothers Amusement Company' from OH is in charge of the rides at the fair.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission also is investigating.

Fairs and fireman's carnivals across the state have kicked off the summer season.

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