Charlie Gard's parents 'extremely upset' over GOSH death threats backlash

Charlie's supporters

Charlie's supporters

Meetings were also held this week with Charlie's mother, doctors treating Charlie at Great Ormond Street Hospital and American specialist Dr. Michio Hirano, an American neurology expert from Columbia Medical Center in NY who has designed the experimental treatment.

Charlie's parents then took the case to the Court of Appeal which was heard on May 23 with the court dismissing the appeal two days later.

He's now being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital, alive only because a machine is helping him breathe.

A series of courts have agreed with the GOSH decision that Charlie's life support should be withdrawn so he can be allowed to die with dignity.

Eleven-month-old Charlie has an extremely rare genetic disorder, mitochondrial depletion syndrome, that causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage.

That prompted an angry outburst from Charlie's father, Chris Gard, and prompted his mother, Connie Yates, to burst into tears.

"In recent weeks the GOSH community has been subjected to a shocking and disgraceful tide of hostility and disturbance".

"Staff have received abuse both in the street and online", she said.

Parents visiting their seriously unwell children have also been harassed, including on the grounds of the hospital itself, she said. Basically, the court is deliberating on whether Charlie's parents can be allowed to take him to United States for further treatment or not. As The Guardian reports, the Great Ormond Street Hospital has now received thousands of abusive messages from those opposed to removing Charlie Gard from life support.

The hospital is in close contact with the Metropolitan Police over the incidents, Ms McLeod said in a statement.

Charlie Gard's parents have said they are "extremely upset" by the backlash they received after GOSH revealed the abuse its staff was suffering.

The case has garnered worldwide attention and even drawn comment from President Donald Trump and Pope Francis.

MacLeod added that the medical professionals at the Great Ormond Street Hospital are aware of the public interest in the "heart-breaking" Charlie Gard case, but that the institution will not tolerate having other patients' peace and privacy disturbed or abuse of its doctors and nurses.

Mr Justice Francis has considered the latest stage of the case at public hearings in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

A lawyer representing the hospital said in a brief hearing Friday that the latest brain scan results make for "sad reading".

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