Ann Coulter Is Enraged With Delta For Allegedly Giving Away Her Seat

Delta critics Akbar Al Baker and Ann Coulter

Delta critics Akbar Al Baker and Ann Coulter

- Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 15, 2017 Suck-ass @Delta spends all this $$$ on lovely aircraft & then hire Nurse Ratchets as flight attendants & gate agents. She started with a jab, which became one out of more than 40 tweets directed at the company. "Airline crew training at @Delta: Replicate Stanley Milgram's prison experiment at Yale, inducing normal ppl to brutally torture fellow man", Coulter tweeted.

Coulter went off on the airline in a tweetstorm starting Saturday when she was moved from a seat she had pre-booked.

Delta Air Lines has responded to the "derogatory" tirade that conservative author Ann Coulter directed at them throughout the weekend. But it was unclear exactly how much she paid, until now.

Delta responded in perhaps the flawless way, not riling up Coulter but acknowledging that such abusive behavior is not acceptable.

- Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 15, 2017Suck-ass @Delta spends all this $$$ on handsome aircraft & then hire Nurse Ratchets as flight attendants & gate agents.

Now that we know the value of Coulter's time, she can save herself boatloads of cash by avoiding Delta and cutting back the Twitter brawls.

Coulter, 55-years-old and 6 feet tall, tweeted insults at Delta flight attendants, criticized the airline's employee recruitment and training procedures, and complained about the WiFi service. "Like I did." She also tweeted a picture of the unhappy-looking new seat-occupier.

In April, Coulter was unsympathetic after a passenger was violently dragged off a United flight for not giving up his seat: "Sorry about the dragging, but the convicted pill-mill doctor should be deported".

Delta also addressed Coulter's complaints in a couple of terse tweets, stating she'll be refunded the $30 she paid for the seats while taking her to task for her "insults about our other customers and employees".

"An airline can give up your spot, no matter if you have a spot booked or not". In her fiery screed, she said she was told her seat was needed for an emergency.

Coulter didn't immediately reply to questions, including why she chose to photograph and publicize her co-flyer's faces.

One of America's most provocative political pundits has managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible and evoke sympathy for an airline on Twitter.

"$30!", she tweeted back to Delta.

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