Two-year parliament term to deliver Brexit legislation

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's job will be under threat from MPs within her own party if she

KEVIN COOMBS REUTERS UK Prime Minister Theresa May's job will be under threat from MPs within her own party if she"waters down Brexit

Theresa May is facing the prospect of unveiling a slimmed-down Queen's Speech on Wednesday without a guaranteed Commons majority for her two-year programme for government.

The traditional throne speech of the Queen, annually opening the new session of the British Parliament, in 2018 will not take place, said the United Kingdom government.

Ministers at the time argued it was to give Parliament more time to scrutinise the Government's heavy legislative agenda, while Labour said it was an "abuse of power" created to ease the passage of controversial legislation.

Talks aimed at propping up Mrs May's minority Government - after a disastrous General Election showing saw the Tories lose their parliamentary majority - are "ongoing", according to Downing Street sources who insisted the PM had never set a timeline on the negotiations. For the first time in decades, the government goes into the ceremonial event uncertain whether it can avoid defeat on its agenda.

The Government has announced Parliament will sit for two years instead of the usual one to give Members of Parliament (MPs) enough time to fully consider the laws required to make Britain ready for Brexit.

His rare absence from the State Opening of Parliament added to the solemnity of an occasion cherished by the British people and replete with tradition.

But he ramped up the pressure on the Unionists, telling the BBC that another election risked making Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn prime minister.

But she insisted there would be no going back on Brexit, pointing out that more than 80 per cent of voters on June 8 backed parties promising to honour the referendum result.

Mrs May said last year's referendum vote amounted to "a profound and justified expression that our country often does not work the way it should for millions of ordinary working families".

The agreement should protect the Government from being brought down by a vote of no confidence, but they will have to agree other issues on a vote-by-vote basis.

But the Government says the bill will unlock investment and help rebalance the British economy away from South East England's financial and political centre. Eight of 27 bills outlined in the speech deal with the complex Brexit process.

"Right the way across Europe, people must be looking at us and thinking this is freaky ..."

There was no mention of the invite Theresa May offered The Donald during a gushing visit to the White House earlier this year in the Queen's Speech.

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