The End is Nigh confirmed for Nintendo Switch release

The End is Nigh confirmed for Nintendo Switch release

Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen reveals his new game, The End is Nigh

The creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, Edmund McMillen, has revealed his newest project, and it's coming sooner than you might expect.

The End is Nigh is a platformer with the main character, one of the few "things" that survived, flopping his way through life. The gameplay seems pretty similar to Super Meat Boy, however, the atmosphere looks a bit darker in places.

McMillen said he kept quiet on The End is Nigh until close to release because he's sick of announcing games that never make it to market. Not quite as dark as in The Binding of Isaac but McMillen definitely took inspiration from both of his previous projects when creating this game. It's a collaboration with Closure creator Tyler Glaiel called The End Is Nigh Together, they're making an adventure-platformer where you die "a lot". The game's Steam page states that the game boasts over 600 level and over 12 worlds for players to explore. It's a future, according to the description, filled with pain and suffering as well as one rife with stress. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch at a later date, and may also see a release on other consoles too, but Xbox and/or PS4 versions are not yet confirmed.

Slated to feature over six hundred levels and twelve chapters, The End is Nigh will also sport collectibles - including twenty game cartridges that contain playable mini games.

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